25 July 2012

36 weeks

We're getting down to the final weeks of this pregnancy and I'm still amazed. I'm not ready yet and not sure if I ever will be. I know it will happen when it is going to happen, so in a sense, there isn't much to worry over. I have been thinking of packing a hospital bag the last few days, but that's about as far as I've gotten.

When people ask when I'm due (something Mr Siili is glad that people aren't asking him all the time, lol) I tell them "end of August". I hope that by telling most people that, they'll leave me alone and not ask if I've popped yet or if I'm still in one piece.

My birthday is this Saturday. I'm sort of excited, hey, it's my birthday! Yet, I'm not expecting anything much from it. I do hope at least that Mr Siili will acknowledge it in some small way. Dinner made by him would be nice. Maybe a foot rub?

Total Weight Loss/Gain: My scales this morning said 83 kilos, but at my neuvola appointment yesterday (with clothes on) I weighed in at 84.5 kilos. The nurse said that was quite a bump up from last week and then proceeded to ask if I have had swelling lately. Why, yes I have. So, she wasn't so worried about the weight gain and said it is most likely due to swelling. Yay. Uhm, not really.

Maternity Clothes:
The maternity pants I made during weeks 20 and 21 just don't fit any more. The front part of the pants waist is too high and so it just feels uncomfortable.

I also tried wearing a regular pair of pants this week, with some elastic band to hold the button holes sort of together, just didn't work. The pants kept wanting to fall down and I was pulling them up the entire trip to and from the bus stops and store. I'm sticking with clothes I know work for the rest of this pregnancy.

Stretch marks: I think I might make it the entire pregnancy without any stretch marks. Huh, pretty cool. Now I just hope my belly button doesn't decide to stick out more. Eew! I'm not looking forward to Paxlet's umbilical cord either. 

Sleep: It is definitely getting more uncomfortable to sleep. I just can't roll over in bed as easily anymore and getting up to go pee takes its time. Also, my hips are sore and achy. That's what seems to wake me up in the night: painful hips. Oh, and cats sleeping against my legs and at my feet.

I thought as Paxlet grew bigger and there was supposedly less room that he was supposed to move less? He's moving like crazy! Kicks are definitely getting stronger. One day last week one of his kicks/punches was still hurting 30min later. When he moves into a position that makes it hard to move or breathe, I kindly ask him to change his position and gently nudge him. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Bleh, this is the most boring topic ever for me. I guess this goes to show that yet again when I've really wanted something to happen, it just doesn't.

It's a boy!! 

I've noticed that my ear wax is much more abundant during pregnancy that normal.
-My tummy has been quite heavy and achy the last half of this week. I really need to wear my support band if I'm up and about the house for very long and especially if I leave the house.
-My ankles have become quite swollen several times. Although, each time they have been grossly swollen, it was because I had a long day on my feet. This having to take it slower than normal is taking some getting used to and I'm afraid I'm not doing very well at it.
-If I eat too much (or sometimes, just eating at all), I've noticed that when I burp, food tries to come up. Ugh. So unpleasant, yet, this has only started happening, so I'm not too annoyed (yet), as I am thankful it hasn't been an entire pregnancy thing.
-My nipples have been very sensitive these last few weeks. Not my entire breast, just the nipple.
-I'm definitely much more clumsy these days. While baking, I have managed to drop sugar down the front of my shirt several times and if I keep dropping things on the floor the way I do, our kitchen floor will be spotless soon.

What I miss:
I miss being able to walk normally. I waddle everywhere, which in and of itself is funny and sort of cute. But what I don't like is that I have to walk much slower these days. It takes longer to get to the bus stop and by the time I am on my way home from where ever I've gone, I am walking at a snails pace because I get a horrible stitch on my lower right side. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving this, but it is just different from before.

What I look forward to:
My birthday is this Saturday. I'll be 36 years young.
The Red Hot Chili Pepper concert is in one week!!! OMG!!! I can't believe they are going to be here. I have a friend who has said she is willing to be seen with and put up with a very pregnant lady at the concert. I hope I'll still be in one piece to go as I've looked forward to this for so so very long.

I've been quite chipper lately. Only little cries over sad things (Jenny at Sprout had to put her dog, Seamus, to sleep) and silly hormonal things.

Paxlet is the size of a honeydew or an exotic crenshaw melon! and he weighs about 2,5 kilos (5,5 pounds). This is the start of the 9th month and the neuvola nurse said Paxlet can be born at any time now and there shouldn't be any issues. It's a good thing he has moved into the head-down position. At least, if he decides to come NOW, they won't stop him from coming.

Medical concerns:
My iron is still low even though I've been taking a supplement. I have been taking it at the same time as my multivitamin, so the neuvola nurse suggested I try taking them at different times and for the iron, on an empty stomach. 

Sex: Poor Mr Siili. My sex drive is just non-existent. I have tried to initiate sex with him, but he is worried that I'm doing it only for him, which I am, in a sense, but it isn't like I don't enjoy it once we get going. In any case, the poor guy asked if I thought we'd give it a go before the baby arrives. ;)

The other day, I sewed some clip things to keep the kid's gloves and booties on. Or at least, if they fall off, they won't get lost. These clip things can also be used for keeping the binky nearby. I've seen them in stores for 8€ a pair and I was sure I could make them for cheaper. I made 2 pairs of clips and for only 5€. Plus, MIL had another set and a half of the clips at home that she gave to me. I just need to find some ribbon I like for them. I also sewed a duvet for the baby with some of the Moomin fabric MIL gave me. I LOVE it!

Among the tons of baby stuff MIL had saved and collected, she had a brand new breast pump! It's very simple in design, but it is one less thing I need to worry about getting. I'm not sure I'll use it, but it's great to have, just in case.

This week's bump pictures can be seen in the Paxlet Pictures tab.
Again, last week's bump photo just never happened. I forgot to ask Mr Siili to take it when we got home around 2am Thursday (Friday) and then I forgot again on Friday evening and then on Saturday night we got home after midnight...So I just gave up on it. I've reminded Mr Siili yesterday that we need to do the picture today. Let's hope I remember this evening when he gets home.

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