03 May 2012

24 weeks + 1 day

I got too tired and lazy to publish this last night. In fact, I didn't even get pictures taken last night. So, I'm posting this today and getting pictures up this evening. I promise! I will do my best to follow through with getting the pictures up this evening. *cheeky grin*

It's back to work today. I had a nice and relaxing 4 day weekend in honor of Vappu, Finland's Labor Day aka Walpurgis Night aka May Day , yesterday. Only the 1st of May is a holiday, but I took Monday off also, just because. The main thing you need to know about Vappu is that it is a huge celebration that is undertaken by engineering students, but definitely not limited to them. For the students, the partying begins a week or so in advance, but for the rest of the population it starts on April 30th. Celebrating entails lots of alcohol (especially sima (a sweet mead that is easy to make at home), sparkling ciders and whatever else tickles your fancy) and lots of drunk people. In my opinion, it is best to stay home or at a friend's house, which is exactly what I did. On Monday went to the stores early in the day (to beat the crowds) and then I hung out at home the rest of the day. On Tuesday, I spent most of it at a friends house eating way too much, playing games and generally just having a good time.
Total Weight Loss/Gain: I have no idea this week, as I forgot to check the scales this morning. but I am sure I've gained at least a bit of weight.
Update: So I didn't weigh myself yesterday, but I did this morning. Starting weight: 66kg, this morning: 75kg. Holy cow! That's 3 kilos in one week!!! Not that I'm complaining, I was just surprised. But, it might also explain why my bump is much more visible these last few days.

Maternity Clothes: I bought a second-hand maternity support belt this past Monday. I've only used it for a quick walk to the stores, but it sure seemed to work. My belly didn't feel tired after that.

I have a jean skirt (that used to be bell bottoms, which my mom made into a skirt for me when I ripped the butt out one day) that I've had since I was in high school (18 years ago). Yes, this skirt still fits, or at least fit until recently. Today, I think I'm wearing it for the last time for a while. It still fits, but I have not zipped it up one bit and I've tucked the zipper flaps inside the skirt and worn a long shirt. It looks quite cute, but it isn't 100% comfy. Just in case, I brought my favorite pair of maternity pants to change into...

As for other clothes, some shirts just aren't long enough anymore. LOL

Stretch marks: Still no stretch marks and I'm not complaining. I have noticed that my belly button is getting more and more shallow. I truly hope it doesn't become an outtie. Outties just give me the creeps. Sorry if you have one, it's nothing personal! Belly buttons have always been a weird thing for me, especially when the umbilical cord is still attached to wee infants. Gives me the heebie jeebies.

Sleep: It's definitely getting harder to sleep comfortably and for longer periods of time (say, through the night!), even if I don't have to get up and go pee! I'm feeling quite exhausted most evenings and naps are my friends, usually.

Movement: Paxlet is a wiggler! I feel him move off and on throughout the day. His kicks and punches are getting stronger. The weirdest feeling kicks are when he kicks straight down into my lady bits (have I written this already?). He did some light kicks down there today while I was at work and man, it's all I can do to not wiggle.

Cravings/Aversions: No cravings of any sort at the moment. I'm not even really feeling the desire to eat pickles like I was a few weeks ago.

Gender: It's a boy!!

Symptoms: My tummy is definitely getting bigger. If I wear the right clothes (not the flowy dress I wore during the weekend), you can definitely tell I am pregnant. There's no more guessing if I've just gotten a bit chubby or if there is something going on in there. I've also noticed today that it's getting a bit uncomfy to sit at my desk. I seem to lean into the desk, pushing my bump right at the belly button into the desk. What's going to happen as I get even bigger? LOL

My back and neck are usually sore these days and more-so in the morning when I wake up. I just can't sit so much or for so long. I need to start taking short breaks more often at work and walk around a bit. Putting a cold pack on the areas seems to help, I just need to remember to do it more often.

What I miss: I've been trying to think of things that I miss and the ones I come up with are quite plain and silly: bending over easily (to pick something up or tie my shoes), getting a very uncomfortable bloated feeling if I eat too much (duh, don't eat too much!) or the fact that my breasts have gotten to huge (yes, it's for a good thing, but I didn't like my breasts before this).

What I look forward to: I am so very much looking forward to being moved into our new home at the end of the month. What I am NOT looking forward to is the packing and actually moving and these few weeks before it.

In a curious and try something new sort of way I am looking forward to the diabetes test in a few weeks. I've heard mixed reviews on the test (some like the drink, some don't) and as with all things pregnancy, I'm totally enjoying trying everything, at least once.

Moods: Feeling quite well this week. A bit weepy off and on, usually triggered by something I read or see on TV, but nothing too bad.

Milestones: Paxlet is the size of a papaya (still?!) or an ear of corn! I've also come to understand that if Paxlet were to decide to come into this world now, he'd have a 50-50 chance of survival. Not the best of odds, but they are getting better by the day!

I read that Paxlet's taste buds are forming and that he could be developing "a weakness for sweets". If that is the case, I don't think it is "developing". In this case it will be more like inheriting it from me and my mom. *giggle*

Misc: It's month end closing at work which means lots of work and longer days. Thankfully I've got chocolate with me. Yum! Although, I wonder if this bit of extra chocolate and sweets is what helped me gain 3kg this last week. I have also been more hungry lately. I try to eat healthier snacks, but some not so healthy ones make their way into my mouth too. It's all for a good cause though. Hehehe

This week's bump pictures can be seen in the Paxlet Pictures tab.

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