18 April 2012

22 weeks

Ugh, it's been a while since I've said anything. I have a couple of posts in the making, but I just haven't had the time, energy or full on desire to sit and write them fully out. They are a work in progress and I hope to get them posted soon.

It's my dad's birthday today. Happy Birthday, Bob!! I called him via Skype when I got home and we chatted for half an hour. I love chatting with my dad. He also shared a secret with me: my stepmom and sister are (giddily) organizing me a Skype (with video) baby shower sometime later this summer. He told me that I have to act surprised when they tell me about it.

One of the stores downtown is having their semi-annual Crazy Days sale and I got sucked in. I tried telling myself it was to let Mr Siili sleep for a couple of hours before going to basketball, but really, I did want to check it out. I was a good girl though and didn't buy much and two-thirds of what I did buy was food-related. The one thing that I didn't really need to buy, but I did were 2 binkies (pacifiers, plugs, tutti in Finnish. etc). They were just too cute with the little dragon and whale on them, plus they were only €2. (I have no idea if that is a good price or not, but it sounded good.)

Total Weight Loss/Gain: +7 to 7,5kg.
The weight's coming on! LOL. As I weighed myself at my neuvola appointment today, I commented to the nurse that if I subtracted roughly 1kg from my weight for clothes, it would roughly match what my scales at home said. (yay!) She replied that I shouldn't be dieting or losing weight and I should be eating healthy. Lots of dark green veggies, rye bread and so on. I laughed and told her no dieting here and that I am eating healthy.

Maternity Clothes: I bought another bra today! This isn't a maternity bra, but one that is just bigger.It felt so comfy when I tried it on at the store, that I'm hoping it will stay comfy when I try wearing it tomorrow (if it dries in time). I'm also loving my black stretch mama-pants. So comfy!

Stretch marks: I was just discussing this with a couple of co-workers today. The lady that is a week behind me has a very itchy tummy and she is concerned she'll get stretch marks if she scratches too much. So she is trying different lotions and what not in hopes of keeping her skin lubricated and mark-free. I on the other hand am not that itchy, but I am using my regular body lotion and not a sign of stretch marks yet.

Definitely not sleeping as well as I used to. It's not too bad, but I could definitely use more sleep. I did sleep longer on my right side last night and my neck isn't as sore today as it has been in the past. I hope I can keep that up. But if my neck (and back) do continue to bother me, it is great to know that my chiro can treat me through my entire pregnancy.

Movement: I love feeling Paxlet move! While having this thing inside me and moving around is quite a weird thing to think about and feel, it is so much fun too. I also enjoy seeing Paxlet make my tummy move and I can't wait until they're a bit more pronounced. Especially so that Mr Siili can see them easier.

In other types of movement, I (lightly) bumped my belly on the door handle today at work. I also noticed that while I was at the Crazy Days sale and I tried so scooch out of the way, I would bump my belly. I find it amusing that my belly is getting in the way some now, so long as it doesn't hurt.

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing really. I haven't been eating so many pickles this week. *grin*

Gender: It's a boy!! And no names have even been thought of yet.

Symptoms: I've noticed it for a while, but only just now getting around to saying it: I've got more hair on my tummy than I've had before. Or maybe I'm just noticing it more. But really, I think my tummy has gotten hairier. It isn't big ugly hairs, although there is a stray long hair or two there, but most of the hair is just noticeable peach fuzz. I think it's cute.

What I miss: My family and friends, but really nothing pregnancy related. I honestly can't think of anything that I am not able to do or that I would want eat now that I can't.

What I look forward to: As soon as I get my KELA (social services) papers filled out and turned in, I will be getting more information about when my maternity leave officially starts (around July 18th), how much money I'll get during maternity leave, etc. In a couple of week's time, I'll will also receive the maternity package of awesome baby stuff in the mail. I can't wait to go through that and explore everything.

I've booked my appointment for the diabetes test in another 4 weeks. I've heard horror and not so bad stories. I can't wait to see what it's like.

Moods: I've been feeling a bit down and teary lately. I've been easily brought to tears, either by silly, funny stuff or by sad thoughts (especially about my mom or not having enough needed interaction with friends). I've been desperately wanting someone to talk to about this pregnancy. Nothing specific or concrete, but just to be able to talk and revel in this journey. In the beginning I had hoped I'd have my close friends to be able to chat with, they've been busy with their own lives and what not. I totally get that, but I can't help but feel sad anyway. Even getting ahold of them via phone is difficult at times. I had a breakdown over it last night and cried as I was getting into bed. I tried explaining it to Mr Siili, but I think he's too guy to fully understand.

Milestones: Paxlet is the size of a papaya!
I'm officially pregnant! Today I was given the piece of paper with the doctor's signature that proves (to the government officals, work, etc) that my pregnancy has lasted at least 154 days (and continuing...)and thus I am in deed pregnant. If I didn't get this statement, there are a whole bunch of benefits that I would miss out on.

Medical concerns: My hemoglobin was low this time around, so I'm to start taking iron supplements for a while. The neuvola nurse said it is quite normal for the iron to get low around now and then jump back up during the 3rd trimester.

Sex?: Poor Mr. Siili...

Misc: A co-worker (from a different department) came into work today with her month old little girl as I was going to lunch. A second co-worker was hold the baby and as soon as she saw me walk in, she started (jokingly, sort of) pushing the baby at me saying "here's the test for you, can you change diapers?" and looking at me expectantly like I should be all over the baby. The truth is, I've never been that ga-ga over other people's babies, especially people I don't know very well. Close friends with their babies in the past few years are a different story. They are my good friends, I have an invested interest in them. I tried telling that to my co-workers and the one holding the baby just gave me a strange look, especially knowing that I am pregnant now. I tried explaining to her that I am sure my own baby will be different. I don't think she got it though. This lady is also the same one that has been telling me that I can't drink any coffee (not that I do) and I shouldn't be drinking tea either and that I should be eating lots of broccoli and all sorts of other unsolicited 'helpful' advice. I know this is my first kid and I do appreciate all the help I can get, but I just don't need THAT much help, especially not the way she's giving it to me. (Yes, I know part of it is cultural differences, but still, ugh.)

And baby smell?! Blech! I don't think there is anything cute or yummy about the way a baby smells of spit-up and poo. Again, I hope, and I am sure, that will be different with my own kid.

This week's bump pictures have been taken and will be uploaded tomorrow. They will be seen in the Paxlet Pictures tab after that.
Edited: Pictures were only added a week later during the same time that 23 weeks images were added. Bad me!

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