15 July 2012

Maternity picture shoot and a dream

We got very lucky! Yesterday the weather decided to cooperate so we (Mr Siili, my big boss from work and I) could do the maternity photo shoot! It has been raining, thundering and lightening off and on for the last week or so. And it's been hard, heavy rains! We do have a pretty green lawn now though.

Anyway, we were playing it by ear up until minutes before we left the house to go for the photo shoot. Mr Siili and I pile into the car and go pick up my big boss, who would be taking the photos and is an amazing photographer. She normally does flowers, birds, buildings and landscapes, not people. But I had total confidence in her!

We arrive at the arboretum and get ready to find some spots for photos. The sun peaked out every once in awhile, the clouds were fluffy white and diffusing the light beautifully and we had our own natural wind "machine".

After an hour and a half and almost 300 pictures later, we were done. Just in time too as the clouds on the horizon, heading our way, weren't looking too friendly.

Last night, or rather early this morning, I had a strange pregnancy related dream. The first pregnancy related dream I've had since being pregnant, that I can remember. And I am at the end of my 8th month. I've always been one for very vivid and strange dreams, just not about pregnancy.
Anyway, on to the dream:

I was at some department store and wanted to try on some clothes I had picked out. I went to the dressing room area, but it was a dressing room / day care / health care clinic in one large room, partitioned off with metal frames on wheels with cloth covers. As I walked into the area, I could just see over the partitions some IV drip racks and other medical stuffs. I was informed that because I was visibly pregnant, that I had to be checked out by a practitioner before I could try on the clothes. My dream ended with me waiting to be checked out.