26 April 2011

1 week late

Yup, that's correct, my period was one week late. I finally figured it out that I was so stressed about the upcoming strike at work, right around ovulation time, that I must have delayed it by a week. Looking back all the symptoms of a late O were there.

Anyway, it's started now and I've called the clinic. I have an appointment in about a week and a half. Here's to another go.

25 April 2011

A week late

Finally, after a week's delay, my period has shown. The thought came to me last  night that it is possible I ovulated a week later (duh) than I should have due to the stress from the strike at work. I was quite worried and stressed about it.  So much so I was feeling it physically. All is 'well' now. I've started taking my Zu.menon pills and will call the clinic tomorrow.

23 April 2011

Over the shoulder boulder holder

Bras, one of life's little evils! I hate bras! And I especially don't like underwire bras. I've not liked them, bras in general or underwires, for as long as I can remember. I'm always fidgeting with them, pulling them up, pushing them down, stopping a strap from falling down, getting a wire unstuck from under my armpit. Ugh!

But they seem to be one of those things that we really can't live without in this day and age. I mean, sure we  don't have to wear a bra, but I know the disgusted thoughts I've had towards women (ok, mostly older overweight women) who are walking down the street with a t-shirt on, no bra and hanging very low. Eew! No thanks! I also don't think too highly of the barely-there breasted women who go bra-less. But in that case, I think it might just be jealousy (although, I think I'd still wear a little something under my shirt).

I've been fitted several times at different places and I still have a hard time finding something that doesn't totally irritate me. Underwires or non-underwires, they all bug me some how, although wireless are usually better. I do try to find non-underwire bras, but they are generally so ugly and granny-like. In addtion, I'm not the type of girl who loves clothes shopping. I need to be in the right mood in order to brave clothes stores and their fitting rooms. And then going bra shopping is a whole other mood and a rare one at that! And if the bra-shopping mood does strike, it is short lived.

The fact that I am "stuck" with 2 bras at moment, one a non-underwire (my main stay) and an underwire bra (for those "good days"), I have been feeling the need to go bra hunting. But the mood hasn't stuck me and I don't think it will for some time. So, I'm grumpy about my bras, yet I feel no compulsion to do anything about it.
Stupid bras!

It's TV Friday

Friday has found us once again. For me and most people in Finland, it has been a day off from work, being that it is pitkäperjantai (Good Friday, yep, I had to look it up). So, I've sat around, played on the computer and just all around been lazy.

This week's Friday 5 is all about TV. And since I don't really watch much TV anymore, I don't have too much to say about it. There is one show that is my vice: American Idol. And this year is an awesome year!! I have been enjoying each week, especially since the top 13. They are just amazing and all very young this year too!. James Durban, Casey Abrams & Scotty McCreery are my favorites of those that are still 'in it to win'. I was sad to see Thia leave a while back. But I can't say I was sad to see Stefano leave. He just seemed so greasy, a player & all around annoying, imo. Can't wait to see what happens in the coming weeks.

22 April 2011

S#!t List

Yes, my period is on my shit list right now.
It is several days late and that just almost never happens! According to my calculations and the program(s) on my phone, I should have started my period on Sunday (cd28) or Monday (cd29) of this week. It is now day 32 and it is no where to be found. I did finally break down and test today, but it was a huge BFN (Big Fat Negative). Even though I didn't think this cycle would be fruitful, it is still hard to see that test come up negative.

As I said, I didn't really have high hopes of getting pregnant this cycle (but we sure did have fun trying). I just don't believe that I can get pregnant without help from the doctors and hormones. (Not that those seem to be helping much either.) I'm not being negative about it, nor being factual, but rather how I truthfully feel. I just don't think it will happen on its own. Which, is part of the reason this whole secondary infertility is the pits! The one and only time I did get pregnant, it was way too easy and I was so not ready for it then. Because of that, I always assumed that when I felt I was ready for a kid, it'd happen just like that *finger snap* Alas, that is not the way of my body.

Where did this post title and subsequent rant come from? Well, as I was driving home from the gym this evening, I popped in the Natural Born Killers soundtrack and out came this song. It just seemed to fit my mood and thoughts, on more than one level. I love the high energy of the song, the movie itself and they lyrics grabbed me (as always) too! So, here you go, my thoughts for today.

Oh and happy easter! My 4 day weekend started today!

L7 - Shitlist

When I get mad and I get pissed
I grab my pen and I write out a list
Of all the people that won't be missed
You've made my shitlist
For all the ones who put me out (shitlist)
For all the ones who filled my head with doubt (shitlist)
For all the squares who get me pissed (shitlist)
You've made my shitlist

Shitlist x2

When I get mad and I get pissed
I grab my pen and I write out a list
Of all you assholes that won't be missed
You've made my shitlist

Shitlist x4

15 April 2011

Friday 5: Unwanted Attention

I stumbled upon a blog that does Friday 5-questions. I think I'll give them a try and see if I like doing them.

1. Among people you know, who seems to be most attractive to mosquitoes?
I have no clue.

2. Among people you know, who seems to be most attractive to illness-causing viruses and bacteria?

My co-worker's kid. But I think part of the reason is that she started daycare not too long ago.

3. Among people you know, who seems to be most attractive to rip-off artists?
I'm not quite sure I understand what this is supposed to mean...

4. In what way were you recently the object of unwanted attention?

This isn't quite what the question is asking, but the only thing that comes to mind. The union I belong to has been on strike for the last week and a half. During this time I've been participating in the picket line several times. What has been quite frustrating is that people I work with and know just don't see us and won't acknowledge us.

5. When you go out with friends, which of you is most likely to be flirted with?
I'd say my friend R. She's just very flirtatious and outgoing. 

13 April 2011

Baby showers

As everyone knows, I am no where near the time a person would have a baby shower thrown for them, yet things like this cross my mind on occasion. This particular thought has come around several times already. In the past, my friends (and I) have delighted in throwing surprise parties for each other. (My 30th & "bachelorette" were major surprises among those.) Now, I don't expect anything nor do I want to presume anything, but if a baby shower were to be given in my honour, it would be nice to know about it beforehand. Such details as the date & when to show up. I don't need to know any other details.

So, yeah, that is one of the many thoughts that run through my head quite often.

12 April 2011

1 week and still going

It's been one week of this strike and it's still continuing. There's talk that we will go the full two weeks of strike and I believe it. Today, the trade union has announced that it will expand the strike to two more companies. I'm still quite bummed about losing 2 weeks pay and this month's holiday (2.5 days). I'm also concerned at what the working environment will be like when we get back. I also wonder how well my job has been done in my absence. Bleh.

For being on strike, I've managed to keep quite busy. I've spent 3 mornings picketing at work, taken naps from being so tired on those days, gone to the gym many times (and more to come), hung out with a couple of friends (had a great lunch and free Ben & Jerry's ice cream today), hung out with hubby & cats and even managed to just laze around home. Let's see what the upcoming week brings.

06 April 2011

Lakko alkaa

Strike begins

It has become true. The salaried workers union and the paper industry have not been able to come to an agreement and the strike at my work has begun.

It is 7:30 in the morning and I am on the bus heading downtown to join the picket line. The weather is lovely (grey & drizzly).

04 April 2011

It's the little things

It's funny (for lack of a better word) how little things can trigger a reaction. A friend just told me that she read my Facebook status, a while ago, about hubby and I having difficulties getting pregnant. She wished me well and hoped it all works out. So, I got all teary eyed, at work! ugh. She also said that "many kind of lifes can be happy and full". I know that is true and I know she is offering comfort, but I honestly don't know if my life can be full or fully happy if I don't get pregnant and have a child of my own, at least not at this point in my life. Let's check again down the road when all fertility treatments have run out.

01 April 2011

Ylityö lakko alkaa

Overtime ban starts today.

The union I belong to did not agree with the work contract for the industry I work in so it declined to continue/renew it when the contract ended (yesterday). And a new agreement has not been reached, so that is the reason the overtime ban has started. In addition, if an agreement isn't come to and a new contact made, my work place will go on strike for two weeks (6.-20.4).

Stay tuned for further updates.