18 January 2012

9 weeks!

Total Weight Loss/Gain: starting weight 65,5kg and I'm around 66kg. (I think it is just my scales aren't very accurate.)

Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but some of my more fitting pants are getting a bit tight and uncomfy around the stomach area. Yesterday I had to unbutton the pants to be comfortable.

Stretch marks: Nothing new yet.

Sleep: Still need lots of sleep and as long as Rusty (cat) doesn't wake me, I sleep well.

Movement: None from Paxlet, but I've been trying to walk several times a week until I am not so tired and can get back in the gym again.

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing special.

Gender: My stepmom thinks I'm going to have a Leo-Virgo boy. This is based on the due date and the fact that the 2 serious relationships in my life (ex-BF and Mr Siili) are born around this time. I've been feeling like it is a girl lately. No idea why.

Symptoms: The symptoms that I've had seem to have mostly gone away, except for tiredness. The slighly nausea I've had is mostly gone, only showing up when I don't eat often enough or too much at once.

What I miss: Nothing so far.

What I look forward to: I can't wait to have an actual bump! I'm also looking forward to my 12 week doctor's appointment where we'll see and hear Paxlet. I also look forward to telling my close friends, if we can ever meet up.

Moods: Mostly normal, but an extra bit weepy.

Milestones: I had my first neuvola appointment on Monday. Paxlet is the size of a green olive!!

Medical concerns: None.

Sex?: Not yet, because I have/had a yeast infection. Wait until the weekend though.. WooHoo!

Misc: I've noticed that I'm unconsiously rubbing stomach more often, especially at home or when falling asleep.

Today was my third and final therapist appointment. I didn't do the homework assignment she assigned me of writing down my thoughts (4 x 20 minutes) on not becoming a mom, because well, I found out that Friday after our last appointment that I'm pregnant. The therapist was fine with that. Since things had changed so much since I had last seen here 5,5 weeks ago, she wasn't quite sure what to discuss with me. But, she did ask me to tell her how I imagine my life in a year, when all things go well. I told her that if the pregnancy works, I would hope that my dad & siblings (and maybe even stepmom) would come visit, Mr Siili and I would be living in our new home and I'd maybe be at home with a kid and we'd hopefully be happy. She told me to re-tell the story, but this time, tell it "when" things happen and how things will be in a year and not "if" things happen.
Do you realize how hard it is to tell a happy ending story without any IFs in it?

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