12 July 2012

34 weeks

I'm posting this from my phone this evening, so it's not going to be pretty and I'll fix it up next time I'm on a real computer.

Total Weight Loss/Gain: No idea this week as I forgot about weighing myself until I started writing this and normally I weigh myself in the mornings and a night weighing would throw it off.

Maternity Clothes: I borrowed a very colorful dress from a friend yesterday with the hopes to use it during the maternity photo shoot.

Stretch marks: I really don't like this outtie belly button thing that's going on.

Sleep: I'm definitely more tired lately, even with taking iron pills, but I don't always sleep well at night. And I only take naps sometimes.

The other night I crawled into bed around 10pm, read a bit and then went to sleep only to be woken up a couple of hours later by an elusive mosquito buzzing in my ear. I couldn't seem to kill it, so I turned the light on and put my glasses in. I still couldn't find it! Mr Siili then came to bed to find more unhappily sprawled on the bed, irritated, not happy and hot. Finally Mansi (girl kitty) caught and ate the mosquito, but by then I was wide awake. Did I mention I was very hot too?

Movement: I still think Paxlet is positioned sideways as kicks are coming to the same place. I'm not concerned yet about him not being head down, as the neuvola nurse said it is still ok until around week 35, which is when my next appointment is, plus Paxlet still has plenty of room to move.

Boy oh boy, are some of Paxlet's kicks getting strong and a bit painful. As I'm typing this, he's having fun doing saumersaults and kicking me where it hurts.

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing.

Gender: It's a boy!!
I shared the horrid picture of my backside with my stepmom (and family) and she says it's definitely a boy. I'll have to ask her what she judges it by.

Symptoms: Bloating: I found my ankles a bit bloated in the evenings during my last couple of days at work. Enough so that my feet actually hurt. Something new for me and something that I can manage by not being in my feet for long periods of time.

What I miss: Not having to pee all the time. Seriously!

What I look forward to: Tomorrow Mr Siili and I will take a tour of the hospital.
Friday I'll go visit a friend I haven't seen in a while.
If the weather cooperates this weekend, we'll have the maternity photo shoot.
Next Tuesday morning is the next neuvola appointment and in the afternoon I'll take a bus to visit my in-laws (bus is cheaper than driving and doesn't take too much longer).

Moods: Nothing out of the ordinary.

Milestones: Paxlet is the size and weight of a cantalope (2100 grams)!! If he were to be born now, he'd most likely be fine or only need a very short stay in NICU, being that all else is fine.

Medical concerns: I haven't taken any allergy meds for most of the last week. In doing quite well, but I think maybe I'll start taking one every other day or so.

Misc: I've learned the hard way today that even if we take the car to the store, I should still wear the support belt as it gets quite uncomfortable and even a bit painful walking around for too long.

I learned that Mr Siili was born 6 days early, weighed 3 720 grams (8 pounds 18 ounces) and was 50 cm long. My dad doesn't remember if I was early or late, but he knows I came around my due date. And I can't remember the exact measurements of my birth, but they are a lot like Mr Siili's.

I made homemade pizza this evening. Yummy, but I think the standing to make it and walking at the store today caused my tummy and back to be quite painful this evening.

Had tea and dessert with my good friend, R, yesterday and then we went to a second hand store for kids stuff. I bought some reusable bra protectors (no idea of their proper name in English), a baby duvet, two pieces of clothing and a classic tupperware toy (where the pieces fit in their specific holes). I'm quite proud of my purchases, especially since there wasn't a single frog among them. Green, yes, but no frogs.

Picture update will have to happen tomorrow.

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