09 May 2012

25 weeks

I met up with my good friend R today. We had a piece of cake and a short chat. It was great to catch up with her and also bounce pregnancy thoughts and possible baby needs off of her.

Spring is here! The grass is growing green, tulips are blooming, daffodils too. The trees are getting their leaves and the world is becoming alive once again. The weather was just amazing today, unless you are allergic to pollen (especially birch, right now). AND I AM! I have been insanely miserable since Tuesday morning and it is only getting worse.

Total Weight Loss/Gain: No weight gain this last week. I'm still up 9kg, to a whopping 75kg.

Maternity Clothes: I wore a pair of regular jeans yesterday with an elastic piece holding the button and hole together and a homemade belly band over the top... They were so uncomfortable!

Stretch marks: I'm beginning to wonder if I will get them at all. In my opinion, my skin is still quite elastic and stretchy. Plus, I'm not growing at such a fast rate that my body seems to have time to adjust. (I have no idea if those thoughts and ideas are valid or not, but they sound good to me.)

I could definitely use more of it. Mr Siili keeps poking me at night because I am snoring and bothering him. But I can't breath because of these darn allergies!!

Movement: Paxlet's kicks and punches are getting stronger. I'm loving it. Mr Siili finally saw movement from the outside, although he doesn't seem to want to believe what he saw. He keeps telling me "you're breathing". Well, no, I mean yes, I am breathing, but when I breath my tummy doesn't jump around like that in one spot, instead it moves up and down slowly and evenly. Silly guy.

Cravings/Aversions: Lately, I just can't seem to get enough of sweet things. I made some Easy Flower Sugar Cookies (recipe from Real Mom Kitchen) on Saturday, but I only baked half of them with the intent of baking the other half Sunday afternoon and take them to work. Well, I did bake the other half Sunday afternoon, BUT, I ate (with Mr Siili's help of a couple cookies only) all but four of the cookies... *blush* Yeah, that wasn't my finest food moment, but these were so yummy! Now I don't have any eggs in my house and I'm hoping to keep it that way until we move at the end of the month.

Gender: It's a boy!! 
A lady at work today asked me if I was sure Paxlet isn't a girl, because I'm glowing/radiating and according to her girls are supposed to do that to their moms. I've heard the opposite, only just recently. *shrug*

Symptoms: Many little minor things and nothing that I can't live with, but here they are: aches (especially back and neck), can't roll over or get out of bed so easily, can't sit as close to my work desk (bump gets in the way), can't sit for too long without getting stiff, tummy itches off and on, not too bad usually. It's all just normal stuff.

What I miss: I miss not being able to take my regular and proven to work allergy meds! *aaachhooo!* The only "good side" about allergies is that I'm not contagious.

What I look forward to: Just the usual stuff like the diabetes test, some parenting courses (how to look after the baby, breast feeding, daddy stuff, etc).

Moods: A bit of emotions all over the place, but mostly happy this past week. Meeting up with friends 2 weekends ago and another today makes me feel better.

Milestones: Paxlet is the size of a eggplant!

Medical concerns: Spring is finally here and I know this because the birch trees have started blooming as of Monday night/Tuesday morning. I started taking a pregnancy safe allergy medication about a week ago, but now that the birch are kicking it into high gear I'm concerned this new medication isn't going to work. I've gotten the go ahead to double what I am taking now and I can go get some nose spray if I need to, but ideally I'd like to take as little medications as possible. But, allergy season is here and this spring is supposed to be a doozy!

Sex?: Reverse cow-girl works quite well.

Misc: Earlier this week, I realized that for the last few weeks I haven't been checking the tp every single time I go to the bathroom. I really have no idea why I was checking to fanatically in the first place, but I did.

I've said it before, but I need to say it again: our girl kitty, Mansi, is a spaz!
On Sunday, Mansi was running around like crazy. She ran into the bathroom and into the washing machine. I went to check on her to make sure she was ok and she came tearing out of the bathroom and into the bathroom, skidding the whole way. I went back to the computer and sometime later I heard a *thunk*. I ignored it, because I knew it was just Mansi being her usual self. After a bit I got up to get some water in the kitchen. As I went towards the kitchen, I heard another *thunk*. I then asked Mr Siili if he had Mansi on his lap. Nope. *thunk* I walk back into the kitchen and say "Mansi?". No reply. I walk back into the hallway, open the hallway closet. *thunk* I walk back into the kitchen, because I swear that is where I heard the noise coming from. By this point Mr Siili has gotten up and is coming to look too. When he starts to talk to me and walk into the kitchen I told him to be quiet because each time I am in the kitchen and making noise *thunk* Mansi is quiet. I start opening all the cupboards in the kitchen. When I get to the upper cupboards where we keep our plates, Mansi jumps out, down the counter and out of the kitchen. I would have fallen over from laughter and peed my pants if it wasn't for the counter top. As it was, I had tears streaming down my face and I couldn't stop laughing. Mansi spent most of the rest of the day curled up on Mr Siili's lap.

This week's bump pictures will be seen in the Paxlet Pictures tab when I can get it taken and uploaded (tomorrow I hope), as I am so exhausted today.

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