01 February 2012

11 weeks

Total Weight Loss/Gain: Maybe +1kg, 2kg at most. (Starting weight 66kg)

Maternity Clothes: Not using any yet. I've caught myself thinking about the couple pieces of clothes a friend has given me a while ago. Maybe I should check them out and actually try them on. My regular pants are semi tight (still) and the ones that were previously loose and needing a belt to stay up, no longer need a belt. I do find myself needing to unbutton them while sitting for longer periods of time (namely, at work).

Stretch marks: None that are pregnancy related yet.

Sleep: Yup, every night. *grin* It's generally the cat whinging (Rusty) that wakes me up (or Mr Siili yelling at said cat that wakes me up) or the weird dreams I am having. Very strange dreams lately. Stranger and maybe even more than normally.

Movement: I've read that Paxlet should be moving around by now, and that it looks like water ballet, but I'm not feeling these movements and most likely won't for some time still.

Cravings/Aversions: None really.

Gender: Still waiting... (Here's a comic from XKCD about Baby Names. Hover over the image for some extra text.)

Symptoms: I'm freezing!! Almost all of the time I'm so cold. And having it be -20C (or colder) outside right now, does NOT help.
I've been having stomach/uterus area twinges and pangs, esp when turning over in bed and sleep. Or when I sit up to grab the cat from the floor (to shut him up). They aren't necessarily unpleasant, they just make themselves known. I've been told this could be round ligament pains (RLP).
I'm definitely needing to pee more often. Also, if I don't go pee soon enough, I can feel my eyeballs floating. No kidding! That's what it feels like, along with a general feeling of unpleasantness until I empty my bladder.

What I miss: Nothing. Well, to be fully honest, I'm missing Cinnamon Gummy bears and Lemonheads from the US at the moment. *grin*

What I look forward to: 12 week scan! This appointment is with the doctor (not the neuvola nurse) and an ultrasound machine.
Having a bump!
My week off of work during Feb 20th-26th.

Moods: Moods have been normal (in my opinion) for the most part. Except, my emotional meltdown last weekend.

Milestones: OMGosh! Day one of week 11. I couldn't have ever imagined getting this far. Not that I had any prior pregnancy issues with getting to this stage, it just seems so unreal.
Paxlet is the size of a lime!

Medical concerns: None. On a side note, I do keep checking the TP each time I go to the bathroom. I don't expect spotting, but rather just because of the yeast infection during and after progesterone. I want to make sure that any leakage I have is 'normal' leakage.

Sex?: :)

Misc: I'm trying to figure out when to start telling the rest of the world (mainly work) about Paxlet. I definitely won't be telling before next week's doctor appointment and scan. In some respects, it would be great to just get it done and over with so then I don't have to worry about what I say or don't say. On the other hand...I just don't know what to say or when to say. Suggestions, ideas or experiences anyone?

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