04 April 2012

20 weeks - Halfway!

This week marks the start of 20 weeks in this pregnancy. That's half way! Holy COW!!

We had our 20-week rakenne ultraääni (anatomy check(?) ultrasound) today and it was amazing!! First off, it was supposed to be at 9am, but yesterday a nurse called to reschedule it. I was so worried I'd have to wake for it until next week sometime, as Friday and Monday are holidays. I so didn't want to wait! Thankfully they had a time for later in the day.

Today's ultrasound was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen and probably the only time I'll see that as no more ultrasounds are scheduled for this pregnancy. I think I laid on that table for at least 45 minutes and I just couldn't stop grinning during the whole ultrasound as the doctor was checking all the things that needed to be checked. Everything measured right on target, everything looked good and Paxlet is measuring one day ahead of schedule.

Whooo, is that gel cold! Paxlet was moving and cutely kicking around almost the entire time. Mr Siili says Paxlet was making bisquits, with his feet. I said he's been taking lessons from Rusty. Several times Paxlet was in the wrong position for the doctor to see something and get her measurements, so she'd wiggle my tummy with the ultrasound device-wand-thing and Paxlet would wiggle into another position. We found that quite funny. At one point, the wiggling of my tummy didn't work, so the doctor had me rotate my tummy from one side of the table to the other, it worked!

There was only one thing that was a bit...creepy: the face view of Paxlet. I mean, we could see the eyes, nose, mouth and chin, but it was in shades of grey and quite, skull-like. And then to have Paxlet opening and closing his mouth. Hahaha

During some parts of the ultrasound, my mind wandered to fellow bloggers who have not been as fortunate in their pregnancy journey. The hardest part was when the doctor got to the heart and I saw 4 beating chambers. My thoughts and my own heart went out to Marwil who lost her son way too early to a heart defect. I kept flopping between being sad for Marwil and her loss, and then being totally and utterly grateful that my little guy's heart looked just fine. I'll never know the pain and loss that she has gone through (at least as long as things continue the way they are now), but that doesn't mean I can't hurt and be sad for her loss.

The doctor held a soft voiced and continuous monolog (in Finnish) throughout the entire ultrasound. I am proud of myself for understanding most of it, but some of the words she used were quite technical and I just didn't get it. (Mr Siili said he understood it all.) Although, because of the images I was able to at least fit together what I didn't fully understand and get an idea. I was just always relieved and happy every time she said the measurements were good or something was visible and looked good.

I realize the above thoughts are kind of all over the place, but if I did a play-by-play of the appointment, it'd be an even longer post.
And now on to this week's details.

Total Weight Loss/Gain: I think I'm back down to +3,5kg. Not that it really matters, as I am eating healthy, but I've always loved to check my weight on a regular basis to just watch the little fluctuations.

Maternity Clothes: I bought my first pair of maternity pants from a 2nd hand store for 10€. OMG! I'm in love! These are so comfy. Yet, because they are black and stretchy, they are also a cat-hair magnet. I also bought a pair of regular pants (9e), brand new (they still had their store tag on them) that I'm in the process of turning into maternity pants (This is the DIY tutorial I'm following). Let's see if I can manage to finish them tonight without any tears.

Stretch marks: Not seeing any yet, but I have noticed a more prominent "happy trail" of little fuzzy hairs from belly button on down. Or maybe I'm just looking at my belly more these days. LOL

Movement: I'm quite sure those fluttery underwater feelings I felt for the first time at 18 weeks 5 days are Paxlet!! I've been feeling these same things off and on all this last week. So far, it seems I feel them around 10:30-11:30 in the morning and at night.

Cravings/Aversions: Pickles! I've come to the conclusion that maybe I am craving pickles a bit more than normally. Although, sometimes after eating one, I feel very...salty and needs to drink a huge glass to water.

Gender: It's a boy!! Our view to determine this was from the butt view, between the legs and the fact that Paxlet's a boy showed up quite well. The doctor gave us an image to take home with us and said if it turns out to be a girl, you can always wonder what that was in the ultrasound. LOL
I'm not sure if I want to announce the gender to the general population of offline friends and co-workers. I'm quite sure I'll tell my closest friends and family. Maybe after I've had a bit of time to digest this news myself first. *big grin*

Symptoms: The usual...a bit of bloating if/when I eat too much, many trips to the bathroom, pants not fitting so well and so on. Sleeping is getting a tiny bit more uncomfortable. I think I'll make an appointment to the chiro soon-ish.

What I miss: Seriously? Nothing! Ok, well maybe the wonky hormones at times, but I am truly enjoying that is going along with this journey. I honestly have no idea if I'll get the chance to go through it again or not, so I really do want to savor and try to remember as much as I can.

What I look forward to: I don't have anything specific, really. But what isn't there to look forward to? Feeling Paxlet kicks on the outside and moving into our new place and getting Paxlet's room ready, to name a couple of things.

Moods: I've maybe been a bit more hormonal, teary and crying lately, but I think some of it takes two (meaning Mr Siili) to bring it on. Also sometimes just being tired can do it too. For the most part, I think I'm in a pretty good mood.

Milestones: Paxlet is the size of a cantaloupe! Maybe a small cantaloupe, as the doctor estimated Paxlet at 348 grams (,77 pounds) today.
I'm halfway through this pregnancy, already! I've never imagined myself at this stage in a pregnancy and I think that is quite a milestone in and of itself.

Sex?: I mentioned to Mr Siili that I'm still waiting for the crazed sex drive to start and he wondered if it won't come at all as it is so far in the pregnancy already. Anyone have experience with this supposed crazy sex drive showing up later in the pregnancy? Until then, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Misc: I'm thankful quarter-end stuff is done at work and now I'm looking forward to the 4 day weekend. I hope lots of the snow melts, the puddles go away and the sun shines. That isn't too much to ask for is it? I'd love to get outside in the fresh air some.

This week's bump pictures can be seen in the Paxlet Pictures tab.

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