28 March 2012

19 weeks

Thank you ladies for your comments and concern about Rusty. He's back to his normal, old self. I'm just going to chalk the other night up to a scary-hormonal experience and Rusty still being very groggy and sleepy. He happily begged and meowed for his treats last night and tonight. I love my cats so much and really can't imagine life without them.
Rusty being his normal self, scarfing down his evening treats.

Total Weight Loss/Gain: I'm up 4kg (8,8lbs) total now and the most I've ever weighed in my life.

Maternity Clothes: I still haven't found any maternity pants that I would be happy shelling out 30-50€ for. I really need to get my behind in gear and see about 2nd hand ones via the FB group I'm a member of because pants are becoming more of an issue every day.

What's the belly look like?: No stretch marks yet. While my tummy is definitely growing, it's not big enough yet, in my opinion, to warrant stretch marks. At some point in the future, I am sure.

Sleep: Sleeping has gotten a bit more difficult lately. I seem to have a harder time getting comfortable or not having my body become sore from being in one position too long. Although, I do still sleep well enough, I just notice it is different than before.

Movement: I think I felt Paxlet move for the first time yesterday and again this morning. I was sitting at work (around 10:45am) when I felt little flutters on the right hand side of my abdomen. It wasn't really a gassy feeling or butterflies, but more like when you put your hand in the water and wiggle your fingers and they make those fluttery-waves, that's what it felt like. But each time I thought I felt something and then stopped what I was doing to "listen" and feel, nothing would happen. I'll keep waiting, at some point it has to be definite of what I am feeling.

Cravings/Aversions: I still maintain that I don't really have any cravings or aversions, but I've been thinking a bit lately that maybe I have pickles for a craving. Now, I regularly love pickles, especially my dill pickles and pickle juice. But for quite some time, I've been thinking much more about pickles and wanting them, especially every time I see them in the back of my fridge.

Gender: I still don't have a clue. We'll most likely find out next week if we're having a boy or girl (as if there could be anything else?), but I'm not sure if I'll tell anyone for a while. But, really, who knows what I'll do.

Symptoms: My tummy is definitely more...achy and I find myself rubbing it all the time. Not just because it is there, although that is part of the reason, but because it is sore, which to me means it is growing. Yay! But I really think I need to look into more supportive belly bands or make some bigger/taller ones on my own. I know this achy and sore feeling is only going to get more pronounced.

What I miss: Nothing much. I'm well and truly content with this pregnancy. If I sat and thought longer, I'm sure I could find little things that I miss, but nothing that wouldn't be easily solved by actually getting my act together and doing it.

What I look forward to: We have our 20 week ultrasound next week and that means real Paxlet pictures! I will also be halfway through this thing called pregnancy. Wowzers!

Moods: I was quite stressed at the end of the last work week, but things are better (for now) this week. I've had a couple of hormonal melt downs, but all in all, I think I am quite chipper. Mr Siili says I have been a bit more moody than normal, but he didn't really have much in the way of examples or cases to share with me.

Milestones: Paxlet is the size of a mango! I LOVE mangos!!!
My pump is definitely showing more. At 18w1d, someone from work actually noticed I was pregnant by looking at my tummy! And then a few days later my former team leader was walking by the kitchenette door as I was getting my lunch ready and I saw her stop and come back. She just had to tell me that my bump was definitely visible now! *big grin*
As I said above, I think I've felt Paxlet move. I think I'll wait until I feel the movements a few more days or times before I'm really sure. But when my tummy has been the absence of  feelings, this seems like it might be it. I've been waiting to feel Paxlet move for weeks already. I know I started waiting way too early, especially for a first time pregnancy, but I couldn't help it.

Medical concerns: Not really a concern, but more of a thought/habit. I still, to this day, check the TP each time I go pee... Not that I really expect to see anything, but I just can't/don't stop checking.

Sex?: I'm still waiting for the crazy sex hormones to kick in. I wonder if they ever will...

How's Daddy?: I've asked Mr Siili what he thinks about the pregnancy and what not and he doesn't have much to say. I tried asking him if seeing Paxlet again during next week's ultrasound will help, but again he didn't have much to say. That's just the way Mr Siili is. I personally think it will take him feeling Paxlet move and maybe not even until Paxlet is born for him to really come to terms with this. At times, I do wish that Mr Siili

Misc: I have bought some baby stuff in the past, before I was pregnant and even before we were TTC, but since being pregnant, I haven't really bought much. This is in part because I just can't stand shopping and partly because I'm waiting until we move before I really start trying to nest and partly because I just haven't... The very few things I have bought are 2 cloth diapers and 4 inserts (cheap, brand new and 2nd hand) and a used crib from a co-worker. We've had given to us a travel bed (it's at the in-laws, where it will most likely stay) and I've been told a car seat is being held for us from SIL (their youngest is now 1.5 years old). And just today, my former team leader brought me 4 pieces of green clothes that she was going to sell, to see if I want them. They are so cute and just my color!

This week's bump pictures can be seen in the Paxlet Pictures tab.

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