05 July 2012

33 weeks

Happy belated fourth of July. While we have a 4th here in Finland (who doesn't have a July 4th around the world?), it isn't a day different from any other. As I mentioned in my previous post, I spent the early evening hours (after work) at a friend's MIL's garden. The weather was amazing, the company and surroundings great and food (lätty/crepes) yummy!

Seven more weeks until the calculated due date! No matter which way we go (early or late arrival), we're down to a single digit number of weeks for waiting. Oh My Goodness!

Total Weight Loss/Gain: 81 kilos this week, that's up 1 kilo from 2 weeks ago. I've gained a total of 15 kilos so far (that's 33 pounds, OMG!). Thankfully, most of the weight seems to have stayed in baby related areas of the body, except for this morning as I was fixing my hair, I realized my face is definitely a bit rounder these days. Not worried about it, just an interesting change.

Maternity Clothes: For the most part, my non-maternity clothes just don't fit. But having said that, yesterday's outfit was totally non-maternity clothing. I had a cute empire waist top that I bought 4 years ago with the thought in mind that it would hopefully be long enough for when I got pregnant in the next couple of months (hah!) and the skirt is something I've had for longer than that with a stretchy waistband. Very cute outfit!! That's me in the picture below!
Stretch marks: I've still got a smooth tummy. Well, smooth except for the fact that my belly button is sticking out. Thankfully it is only sticking out a tiny bit and mostly the top part of it. I hope it stays that way.

Sleep: Sleep is normal for the most part. Even when I have to get up and go pee, I'm still able to fall right back asleep. Our bedroom has been quite warm lately (weather's been warm too) and so I'm a bit hot at times, but kicking the blanket off helps with that.

Movement: I had a neuvola appointment on Tuesday. I asked the nurse if she could explain to me how I can tell which part is Paxlet's head & which the butt, as I'd like to know which way Paxlet is laying. When I hopped up on the exam table, she started to palpate my stomach and told me almost immediately where Paxlet head is: "His head is here, oh wait, it's now here and now it's here!". Paxlet had woken up and was moving around. And then when she got the heart monitor out, he still wouldn't hold still for a bit. Finally we got to hear his strong and steady heartbeat.

From all the moving around Paxlet was doing, the nurse said that Paxlet still has plenty of room to move around, but that it will probably change soon as he grows a bit more. He also wasn't head down yet, but that's ok still too.

Paxlet is already showing a tendencty to be right-sided. He likes to hang out on he right side of my tummy. Just last night as I was laying on the couch, the left side of my tummy was smaller and squishier, whereas the right side was higher up and harder from Paxlet squishing himself over there. It was obvious enough that Mr Siili could see it (or at least he said he could).

Cravings/Aversions: Bleh, I've all but given up on craving something different or strange such as pickles and ice cream. At the same time, mind you!

Gender: It's a boy!!
My stepmom commented on FB the other day that if I sent her a picture of my profile from the back, she could determine once and for all if I am having a boy or a girl. Along with my weekly pictures, I asked Mr Siili to take a butt-shot. He was confused as to why I was asking, but went along with it anyway. He had a bit of fun with it, like I knew he would.

Symptoms: Only normal pregnancy symptoms and nothing major or horrible. My tummy is definitely getting bigger, in the way and a bit uncomfortable at times, but nothing I can't handle and a bit of rest will take care of. I have noticed the last couple of days that I've been getting some pain in the lower right side of my tummy when I walk too much or too fast. I guess it's time to take it a bit slower.

I definitely notice myself waddling when I walk. I can especially see it in my shadow! As Mr Siili says, "if it acts like a duck, talks like a duck and waddles like a duck, it must be JustHeather". I gave him a sarcastic thanks and dirty looks for that comment. And then proceeded to laugh.

I have noticed some minor swelling in my ankles some days in the evenings. I've already, stopped wearing my wedding ring a week ago or so. It would still fit when my fingers are cold, but when they are warm, I don't think I'd be able to get the ring off. Better safe than sorry.

I am lucky that I don't generally have hemorrhoids and that during this pregnancy I've only gotten a few tiny ones that are not a bother.

What I miss: This week I have something I truly do miss: sex. I miss wanting to have sex, for my own sake and Mr Siili's sake. I still try to make an effort, every once in a while, to have sex with Mr Siili, but it is such a chore and it takes me forever to get into it. Really, I'm doing it more for him than myself, because I really couldn't care less about sex right now. And that makes me feel bad.

What I look forward to: Only today and tomorrow left of work before holidays and maternity leave starts! The reality of it keeps on hitting me in waves. Mr Siili also starts a week of holiday tomorrow after work! He has said he is going to spend the week off having "Mr Siili time". I've asked him to at least reserve one day for me.

Not this weekend, but the following weekend is when my big boss at work will take maternity pictures of me (and Mr Siili). I sure hope the weather cooperates. I also need/want to figure out what to wear. Suggestions anyone?

The Red Hot Chili Pepper concert is less than a month away. I'm so looking forward to that.

Moods: This week has been pretty good in terms of my mood. Not much grumping with Mr Siili, although it would be nice if he wasn't on the computer so much in the evenings. Especially since the 2nd computer and my laptop have died. And with my pictures on it!! Hopefully he can recover some of the info and I'll finally get the rest of the pictures burned onto CD.

Milestones: Paxlet is the size of a honeyew melon! And he weighs as much as a medium sized pineapple, which is about 1800 grams.

Medical concerns: My iron was a bit low again at my neuvola appointment. I had ran out of the stuff and only went and bought more right before the appointment. So, hopefully it will be back in the normal-good range when I go back in two weeks.

Misc: Here's a few pictures from yesterday.

Me and my friend, R, with our bellies.

This week's bump pictures can be seen in the Paxlet Pictures tab.
The picture is already there at the time of my publishing this post!

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