21 February 2010

In the mood, but nothing happens

I'm in the mood to write, but nothing comes to mind. I'll leave it to another day when I have some inspiration.

19 February 2010

Home sick

Today, I'm home sick. I don't mean home sick for Oregon, but rather that I am sitting here at home feeling bleh and sick.

So, I guess today is as good a day as any other to try to start writing here again. I've spent the last hour or so with the editing window open trying to think of what I wanted to say. And it only just now, as I was getting some more tea, came to me: my 3 biggest hobbies right now.

1. Taekwon-do
I started practicing Taekwon-do just 6 months ago and I love it. There's just so much about it that keeps me coming back for more. Not only am I learning the art of fighting, but self defense too. I've met some great people. I get to practice Finnish and learn some Korean while I'm at it. And it's a great work out. I've also come home with my fair share of bruises and aches. (Although door jambs and desk corners still get the better of me.)

2. Stained glass
At the same time I started Taekwon-do, I started taking a stained glass course through a local työväenopisto (sort of like a community college). It's every other Sunday from 10-15. During the fall, I basically created only one project; an angel for my mother-in-law for xmas.
I've continued with the course this year. So far, I've cut out and ground the glass for a couple of small-ish window hangings and I've ventured into glass melting. With the melted glass I've made some necklaces. (I should take pictures..) I cant' wait to play with this method of glass creations.

3. Postcrossing
I started Postcrossing about a year ago. It's great to send and receive postcards to and from around the world. I've met many people from the PC forum and made some great friends via the PC meetings I've attended.
card id: DE-315775