03 September 2009

Another month

I can't believe that we've already seen 8 months of this year and September is already here. Where has the time time gone? At the moment, work is what's on my mind. Month-end reporting is finally done at work and so now it is back to our regular daily processes.

I'm an Accounts Receivable (AR) specialist (aka bean counter or bookkeeper) for the UK and North American team in a big international company. The most important part of my work is processing our customer's payments that come to us. But there is many other tasks that we do on a daily basis and a few extra during month- and quarter-end closing.

I never thought I'd be working for such a huge company, but here I am. I've been working here for a year and a half now. I still love my job and what I do. My co-workers and boss are a cool bunch, which makes my job that much more enjoyable. In our team alone, we've got a Scot, another American and 2 Finns.

What makes me even more happy about my job, is that it feels like a real job. It isn't like most of my previous jobs (here in Finland), where I have a contract for a stated period of time or that I feel and know that the job is just a stepping stone until I find something better and more permanent. This is something that I can see myself doing for many years and I know there is possibilities for growth and continual learning.

I think I might be finally growing up.