11 January 2012

8 weeks

I've seen these things on other blogs and I want to be a copy cat.*big grin*

Total Weight Loss/Gain: none, I seem to be hovering around 65-66kg (143-145lb), which is less than what I was during the whole of last year before getting pregnant and during the IVF cycle preceding this pregnancy. I think it was the aversion to sweets most of December.

Maternity Clothes: No need yet, but I noticed that my outdoor winter pants are much more comfortable if I don't snap/velcro the top piece.

Stretch marks:
Only the ones I've had since puberty on breasts and thighs.

I could definitely use more sleep than I've been getting the last few nights. I'm almost always tired!

Not detectable yet.

Not really. At times, some foods just don't sound good, but give me an hour and they might be yummy sounding again. I'm like that anyway. Although, this evening I ate 1 normal size Reese's PB cup and a mini Fast Break and now I keep re-tasting it. Blech.

Yes, it will be a boy or girl. But in the meantime, we're calling it Paxlet. One evening a week or so ago, I told Mr Siili we had to have a name to call this 'thing'. He spouted off something about it coming out wielding a little pink axe and therefore we should call it Paxlet. He doesn't remember this story now, but I do because I thought he was just wacky, like usual.

Symptoms: Some off and on slight nausea, tiredness and sore boobs. Although, my boobs are not nearly as sore as they were the first few weeks and even compared to last week. I think I might be able to sleep without a soft bra again.

What I miss:

What I look forward to:
Everything! I can't wait to actually have a baby bump, needing to wear maternity clothes, even worse nausea if it comes and whatever else belongs with pregnancy. And next week's neuvola (prenatal clinic) appointment.

I think I'm being quite normal for the most part, maybe a bit teary-eyed more often.

Seeing Paxlet at 7wks, 5days and measuring 13mm. Paxlet is the size of a raspberry!! (I've wanted one of those fruit-marker (at the bottom of my page) tickers for years!) Tomorrow morning is the last progesterone suppository!

Medical concerns:
None at the moment.

Not in the last couple of weeks. The progesterone suppositories made the after effects of sex a bit raw and painful. But I know Mr Siili is looking forward to no more progesterone. I sure hope I'm more in the mood too.

This pregnancy is definitely becoming more real to me. Once I finally realized the pregnancy symptoms I AM having are actually symptoms, it just sort of clicked and became more real. It is still strange and I get a bit anxious when telling people that I'm pregnant (especially family the last couple of days, even though I knew we'd get nothing but positive responses). It's quite strange.

It was music to my ears hearing Mr Siili tell the loan-lady today that I am pregnant! I think it's the first he's said it that way. *melty puddle* I know, it's semi-contradictory to what I just posted before, but it was so cute and heart warming.

I keep thinking about the IVF treatments we went through and how this was pretty much going to be our last chance, unless I could talk Mr Siili into going to a private (more expensive) clinic at some point. I'm so insanely thankful this happened. I know we're no where near being out of the woods yet, but I'm very hopeful.
I also keep thinking about everyone who is still in the trenches and struggling to get their BFP. (But I think I'll save this for a post of its own.)