11 April 2012

21 weeks

Total Weight Loss/Gain: My weight has gone up a tiny bit this week. I'm on the plus side of 4kg, but not enough to call it a half kilo.

Maternity Clothes: I finally finished sewing a pair of my own maternity pants following this tutorial. It wasn't so hard, but I had a tired-hormonal break down last week and so I ignored the pants for a few days. I ripped out what I had sewn, re-sewed everything. When I tried the pants on, the front elastic band was a bit too high and uncomfortable. So, I ripped out the front half again, cut the pants lower and sewed it once more. I wore the pants to work on Tuesday, but the elastic is a bit tight, so I bought new elastic and will replace it soon. Yes, I know, that means I'll be ripping and sewing at least one more time. But, as I said, it wasn't so hard and now that I've gotten most of the kinks worked out, I would be willing to make another pair of maternity pants, just not today.
I also bought another pair of mat. pants today from the 2nd hand store. They are simple, yet cute and white. I haven't bought white pants in ages! I'm thinking I'll wait until the snow melts all the way before wearing them.

Stretch marks: Nothing yet and not waiting for them. Haha.

Sleep is getting more difficult. At least I seem to not be sleeping as well. Even Mr Siili has asked if I'm sleeping well enough because I there is a darkness under my eyes. My neck and back have been aching lately too. I manage to pop/adjust my neck myself sometimes, but then it goes back to hurting quite badly a while later. I've tried switching pillows, but that doesn't seem to be helping much. I think it has to do with the fact that I'm not tossing and turning as much or as freely as I used to. Also, a nerve on the lower right side of my back (it's the sciatic nerve, but thankfully it isn't shooting down my leg, yet) has been getting more painful. I finally made a chiropractor appointment for Friday afternoon. I love my chiro and I'm excited to see him again!

Movement: At 20 weeks 1 day, I not only felt Paxlet move inside me, but I felt him on the outside too! I was laying in bed reading and was feeling some movements that were a bit more solid than the ones I'd felt before. I put my hand on my tummy in preparation for when Paxlet would move again and this time I felt it under my hand too! I'm still having the fluttery feelings, but they are definitely getting stronger. A few days later I got Mr Siili to feel my tummy as we were going to bed and he felt Paxlet for the first time. Mr Siili got a goofy grin on his face, but still wasn't quite sure if he was really sure of what he felt.

Just yesterday (20w6d), I was sitting in sauna enjoying the warmth and quietness when I felt Paxlet moving. It got me wondering that if I could feel it, would I be able to see it on the outside? So, I looked down and waited for Paxlet to move again and saw my tummy move! It was such an unexpected shock and surprise that I let out a giggle. And then again as Mr Siili and I were going to bed, I felt Paxlet moving some more and told him to look and I think he saw movement, but I can't be totally sure because he wouldn't put his glasses on. There's still time for him to feel more movements.

Cravings/Aversions: Still liking my pickles, but I still don't really consider them a craving-craving.

Gender: It's a boy!!
I called my sister and dad this weekend and told them the news that it is a boy. My sister is totally thrilled, although a bit bummed that she won't be sending me the purple-y jackets she already had on hand. I called my MIL to try and tell her, but she doesn't want to know just yet. She would like to see my bump first and guess before being officially told. I think that's sweet!

I'm trying to decide whether to tell my immediate friends and co-workers the gender or if I should just wait. I don't really have any reasons why I shouldn't tell, but I just don't know. I most likely will tell people, at some point.

Symptoms: My tummy gets tired and heavy at times. When I stand for long-ish periods of time or walk a bit, my tummy just gets achy. And I know it's only going to get worse. *grin*

I know there are other little symptoms that I noticed throughout the week, but they aren't of anything out of the ordinary or to really note, so I keep forgetting to write them down and put them here each week.

What I miss: This isn't pregnancy related, but I miss my friends. Everyone just seems to be quite busy in their own world and I miss chatting with them and possibly hanging out more. Pregnancy-wise, I'm not missing much. I'm really enjoying every little change (even when I 'complain' to Mr Siili to try and get some sympathy. LOL).

What I look forward to: I am looking forward to my neuvola appointment next week where the nurse and I will fill out the KELA (Social services in Finland) maternity forms. The most exciting form to fill out will be the maternity package one. In short, this is a package of goodies that all mothers-to-be in Finland are entitled to receive once their viable pregnancy has reached 154 days and they have been to a medical doctor before this date. I'll explain this more when I learn and understand a bit more myself.

Moods: Sometimes hormonal and teary, but mostly quite happy, if a bit tired.

Milestones: Paxlet is the size of a banana!
Feeling and seeing Paxlet move has just been incredible. The anatomy ultrasound last week still blows my mind. And the fact that I am pregnant is a milestone in itself. I'm just so grateful and happy about it.

Misc: It's been a quite week on the blog for me. I've had lots of thoughts go through my head, but none that have gotten me to get on the computer long enough to type something up. I thought about a post about my kitties, because they make me laugh and I love them so. I thought about another post telling about Finnish Easter, but Mr Siili and I didn't really do anything Easter-y for our 4 days off. Plus, I'm a bit confuzzled about the holiday (along with most all other religious holidays) and what to think about it. (I think that will be a post in the near future.) I did sew some things during the long weekend, but I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of them yet. Once I do, I'll blog about them.
Life (and my thoughts) is just normal and quite boring. Not that I want unnecessary excitement, especially not with the pregnancy, but it doesn't leave much to blog about.

This week's bump pictures will be taken and added to the Paxlet Pictures tab when Mr Siili gets home from basketball practice. (Edit - Pictures finally added the next day.)

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