28 July 2012

It's my birthday!

Today I turned 36 years young. We don't/didn't have much of anything planned. I woke up when I felt like it (sort of like the last couple of weeks since I've been done with work), headed downstairs where Mr Siili told me there was a gift for me on the coffee table. He got me a frog card and two books, in Finnish, although I suspect one is really for Paxlet as it is about a little dog named Tessu who is making a sandcastle. On the card and envelope, Mr Siili has written the silliest of conversations, as only Mr Siili can do. After I took the two kitties outside for a bit, I made us (humans, not the cats) waffles for a late breakfast with fresh strawberries and nectarines. Mr Siili and I then proceeded to watch several episodes of Community until I started nodding off. So, I started a load of laundry and took a nap. Now I'm thinking it is time to eat some dinner of leftover Chinese food made by a friend yesterday. (OMG, it's amazing stuff!)

Not sure what the rest of today will bring (maybe I'll actually start packing my hospital bag), but I'm enjoying hanging out with Mr Siili and kitties.

Edited to add: This post has no 'real' value, except for me to document my day, because I want to.