27 July 2012

I must be crazy

It is just now sinking in that am going to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert next week and I'm going to be 37 weeks pregnant!!

It wasn't planned this way... I bought the ticket (with the help of a friend) back in mid-November of last year. This was before the start of our 3rd IVF and most definitely before we even knew I was pregnant.

Once we found out I was pregnant, I've said I'm still going to the concert as long as I am still in one piece and feeling up to it. So here I am, still in one piece and feeling pretty good and getting ready to go to the concert.

I've wanted to see the RHCP in concert for years! (Even more so than Madonna in recent years.) I'm so freaking excited about the concert!

Wednesday is also Mr Siili's and my 6th wedding anniversary. Love you, Sweets!