30 April 2010

One thing leads to another

My, how time flies! I really didn't mean it to be this long since my last entry. But with getting quite sick Easter weekend and all through the next week, going to Oulu for a night (for a TKD competition), work during the week and TKD practice in the evenings, and other events during weekends, it's just come to the point that I haven't written much. I have thought about writing stuff, I just never made it here.

Today is Vappu eve, or May Day eve. Tomorrow, here in Finland is Vappu, the Finnish labour day and with huge drunken festivities, especially for students. Me, I think I'll stay safe and sound and dry at home, indoors.

Vappu is sort of the first day of the year to have a picnic. Potato salad, nakki (hot dogs), sima (fermented mead type stuff) and tippaleipä (deep fried bread-noodles, with powdered sugar on top are eaten among other things.

Some links for you, because I'm too lazy explain it all myself. (Especially when it's been done already before.)
Vappu via Wikipedia
Vappu via FinnGuide

08 April 2010

Tea in my mail

PostCrossing isn't only about postcards (unless you stick to the official site), at least for me it isn't. As soon as I found Postcrossing (PC), I also found the forum. Through the forum I have gotten to know many people and even met several of them at different PC-meetings (around Finland, I haven't made it to any outside Finland yet). I've also traded, swapped and hosted (and won) lotteries with more than just postcards.

My most recent find at the forum is the Tea RR (round robin). Just yesterday I received my first teas. Two envelopes in one day! 

The first, from Netherlands, was for an RR in which each of us in the group sent out 5 different tea bags to each person. (I sent 20 teas bags and will receive 20.)
So far, I've tasted the Canadian Vanilla Maple (left side in baggie) and it is wonderful!! More please!

The 2nd package, from Turkey, was a private swap between me and the other person. We each sent 10 tea bags to the other. From this assortment, I've tasted the echinacea (wrinkled package, lower right) and it was surprisingly good.