All About Me

I was born and raised on the West Coast of the USA and moved to Finland in 1998. I moved to Finland to be with my husband, Mr Siili (although we've only been married since 2006). I have since received my Finnish citizenship and plan on staying in Finland forever. (Yes, plans could change, but probably won't.) We have 2 cats, Rusty who is an older gentlemen and Mansi, a young active girl. I love frogs, reading, baking and doing crafts.

We started trying to grow our family in August 2008 and welcomed our little boy into the world at the end of August 2012.
Within my little corner of the internet, you'll find my thoughts on TTC, IF and life in general.

More randomness about me:
- I love sushi
- I'm a upper yellow belt (yellow with a green stripe) in Taekwon-do
- I've won a gold medal in a Taekwon-do competition
- I love tea, a lot
- I HATE cigarettes! (Yes, I know hate is a strong word, but it truly reflects how I feel about this)
- My first job was at a center for mentally disturbed children. I was 14 and my position title was "warm fuzzy"
- I'm easily irritated by little noises (ask Mr Siili)
- I'm the oldest of 4 kids (what else would I be the eldest of? puppies? kittens?)
- I'm a Leo and Dragon, astrologically speaking
- I love dill pickles and drinking pickle juice, but it has to be the right kind of pickles!
- I love getting mail (snail and electronic)
- I love love love RHCP and Anthony Kiedis (finally saw them in concert on Aug 1, 2012)
- I'm loyal and a great friend
- I know I'd be a good mom if only I could get pregnant, 
- I hope to be a good mom, now that I've gotten pregnant and our little boy is on the way
- I know I'm a good mom now that our little boy is finally here

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If there's something more you'd like to know or think I should add here, let me know!

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