04 July 2012

No weekly update today.

I didn't write up my weekly pregnancy update while at work today and now our old computer is dead (with lots of photos on it) and so is my laptop. Only Mr Siili's computer is working and he's using it right now. So, update tomorrow from work.
Speaking of work, I only have two days left of work!!! Then starts a few holiday days and then maternity leave. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm excited for the baby to be here. Honestly, I haven't thought that far yet. I'm just so totally thrilled that it is finally my turn to go on leave. I've seen so many co-workers go on leave and come back, that the feeling I have is: finally! After I'm on leave for a bit I'll start getting (more) excited about Paxlets arrival.
Speaking of Paxlets arrival, I hung out with my good friend R, who is five weeks behind me on her second pregnancy. There was also another friend there, who I found out today is 20 weeks along with her second as well. (Their hubbys and kids, plus one MIL was also there.) We took some cute pictures of the three of us pregnant ladies and we all ate way too many crepes (lätty) with fresh strawberries and ice cream.
On some infertility, screwed-up-ness levels, I'm still a tad jealous of seeing them with their little girls and having a second bump too. (Or anyone else fitting that category.) Although, I do have to say, that finally being pregnant myself does take the sting out of it, which I know otherwise would be unbearable to handle if I was still in the trenches. Infertility will never go away.
On another note, seeing the guys with their little ones gives me hope with Mr Siili. He just doesn't seem so interested in this pregnancy. I know every guy and situation is different, but I would really love more  connection and seeming interest from him. I really would love to be able to talk more animatedly and excitedly about things and Paxlet's arrival than what I feel I can/can't now. I am thankful that these thoughts and issues are my biggest concerns, because they aren't so bad, but they do weigh in on my mind.
And with that, it is time for this mind to crawl into bed so I can get up early to write my weekly update before punching in for the day.