08 August 2012

38 weeks

No signs yet of impending labor, but it is getting down to the point that when I see people, it might be the last time I see them in one piece. I think this fact is slowly starting to sink in for Mr Siili also. Last night as we were trying to fall asleep, he was commenting that things will be changing soon and we'll have a little one in the house. Very true, Mr Siili, very true.

Total Weight Loss/Gain: I'm up 3 kilos this week, thanks to swelling. Ugh.
I have now gained a total of 20 kilos (44 pounds). OMG! That is an insane amount. Or rather, I am just thinking of it from the point of view of my 'normal' weight and how I've never in my life weighed this much. I am confident that much of the weight will go away without much trouble.

Maternity Clothes:
Always! One of my favorite (non-mat) dresses that I'd been wearing off and on during the pregnancy no longer fits and it won't be fitting for a while, plus even if it does fit after Paxlet is born, it isn't very good for breast feeding. (You can see the dress in question for week 37's picture.)

Stretch marks:
None. If I haven't gotten stretch marks by now, I'm doubting I'll get them at all.

One thing that has been bugging me is the many and often said comments about my tummy size. Most people keep commenting on how small and tiny my bump is! It might not be HUGE, but I'm not that small either. We measured my tummy on Saturday evening, for the virtual baby shower, and my tummy is 107 centimeters (42 inches) around, at the belly button. As Mr Siili has pointed out each time I grumble about this, and I do agree, my bump is quite proportionate to my body. I'm not a small/tiny person to begin with, so it isn't like I'm this petite thing with a mass sticking out of me. In the end, what really matters is that Paxlet is measuring right on target for growth and my nurses and doctors aren't concerned about my bump size.

For the most part, I still sleep quite well, although it isn't what it used to be. Sleep is more challenging, but when I am asleep, I generally sleep quite well. I generally wake up one or two times a night to go pee or my hip hurts or I'm just awake for no reason. Most often I'll play with my phone by reading FB or a book and then go back to sleep after a bit. Lately though, I've been having more than normal amounts of vivid dreams and even an occasional nightmare or two.

After last week's minor concern that Paxlet wasn't moving as much as he usually does, he's back at it! Tons of wiggles and movement. In fact, each time I think to sit/lay and record his movements, he's does his 10-15 movements in less than 10 minutes, sometimes even in less than 5 minutes. So, I haven't even bothered to fill in the sheet of paper that the neuvola nurse gave me last week. When I told this to the neuvola nurse yesterday, she said it was ok that I hadn't filled in the paper, but just to keep track of movements still and write them down if I have any concerns.

I've given up on having any sort of cool cravings.

It's a boy!!

Swelling, tiredness, achyness (mostly in lower back and neck) and a tiny bit of heartburn. Those seem to be my main 'symptoms' and the worst is swelling. In fact, my fingers were quite painful just this morning.

On a slightly gross topic, I know that food digestion has definitely slowed down (it's been this way for some time, I just haven't said anything). But, I don't seem to suffer from constipation. My stool is very dark and stinky, but it has also been quite soft, so no worry about more hemorrhoids forming, not that mine are that bad in any case.

What I miss: I'm so tired of my fingers, ankles and feet being swollen and painful. My ankles don't bother me so much, except for the fact they look ugly (vain, a bit?). But it's my fingers and the bottom of my feet that hurt! My fingers are hurting throughout the day. I can feel it in my knuckles and flexing my fingers might or might not help. My feet hurt the worst in the middle of the night when I get up to go pee or first thing in the morning. I have to just shuffle along until I can get my feet woken up and not so tender.

I'm also tired of getting sweaty so easily. I don't walk too fast any more, as it causes me pain if I do, but even at a snails pace, I get insanely sweaty (and stinky). Being sweaty leads to being stinky and feeling gross. I don't consider myself a very stinky or smelly person, normally. This is one part of pregnancy I won't miss.

What I look forward to:
I can't wait for Paxlet to arrive! Everything that I had planned to do (RHCP concert, baby shower) has been done, except for much of the baby stuff still needs to be washed. Paxlet is free to come when he wants, so long as he doesn't take too long after 40 weeks.

I'm quite happy, although I've been more exhausted and a bit easier to cry lately. Mostly out of frustration or annoyance that things don't always go like I would like them to or that I just feel like something needs to be done and I can't quite do it the way I want to.

Paxlet is the size of a watermelon! He weighs around 3 kilos (6,6 pounds) and is approximately the length of a leek (purjosipuli). He's also still head down.

Medical concerns:
My hemoglobin was still low when it was checked at last week's neuvola appointment on Thursday. So, the nurse suggested that in addition to taking the iron tablet at a different time than the multi-vitamen, I try taking it with orange juice. At yesterday's neuvola appointment, it had gone up a bit, so I'm hoping that taking the tablet with OJ or other juices that have vitamin C is helping.

Taekwon-do competition in the Olympics has started today and that's what I'm spending some of my time on today. Maybe the relaxing in a chair will also help the swelling go down in my ankles.

This week's bump pictures can be seen in the Paxlet Pictures tab.
I don't know why it is that these last week's I've found it so difficult to remember the weekly pictures. Again, I forgot to take week 37's picture in a timely manner. Instead, I have a cute picture of me posing with a watermelon a few days late.

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