18 August 2012

August 18 and no baby yet...

This post isn't a rant about me anxiously awaiting Paxlet's arrival or that I want him here now! His EDD isn't until this coming Tuesday/Wednesday and I'm perfectly happy to let him come at his own pace (for now *grin*). What this post is, is the results of a game we played at my Finnish baby shower.

This particular game that was played at the baby shower included a combination of questions that were asked of the participants about Paxlet's arrival and delivery. The questions were: When do you think Paxlet will arrive, his length (cm), weight (grams), up to 3 names the parents might use, Paxlet's Apgar score, What JustHeather might say during labour, JustHeather's expectations of birth/labour and Mr Siili's reaction to labour.

It was fun for Mr Siili and I to go over the responses together after the party and see what people said. Some of made us laugh (I hope I'm not that mean during labour) and others make me shudder (September 1st for Paxlet's arrival?!).
click picture for a larger view of the responses
Now it's just a matter of waiting to see who has guessed the most items as correctly as possible and we'll have a winner! But unless labour starts NOW and Paxlet arrives before midnight (less than 14 hours away), the first 3 ladies won't be correct on their date guess-timation.

I have been definitely having more Braxton Hicks contractions. Sometimes even several an hour. They aren't painful, only mildly uncomfortable or annoying, now that I know what I'm experiencing. Let the good times begin!