29 August 2012

My version of nesting

I have not found the desire to clean, organize or any other sort of household preparations in order for Paxlet to arrive. I just can't be bothered. Plain and simple. I'm lucky if I can even be bothered to do the needed daily stuff, in a timely manner. It's all I can do to make sure the cats get fresh water, food and cleaned litter boxes each day. In fact, it is now almost 2 pm and I've done nothing but get me some breakfast and play on the computer. Granted, I did actually sleep in until 11 am, so I haven't been awake too long. But, I've not accomplished anything so far today and I have no desire to.

What I have found as my own version of nesting is baking. I love to bake! And yesterday was no exception. Just before 8 pm, I started making Chocolate porridge (suklaapuuro) and at the same time I cut up my 4 ripe mangoes and pureed them. Next I made a double batch of Chocolate Chip Cookie dough, which I put in the fridge to be measured out and frozen today. Then I moved on to making waffles (from the Joy of Cooking cookbook) so that I could make a fresh peach topping which I adapted using fresh nectarines from Real Mom Kitchen's blog.

I ate my half of the chocolate porridge almost immediately and now, today, I'm eye-balling Mr Siili's portion of the porridge to eat too. Yes, I like it that much!

I froze some of the mango puree and will eat it as a frozen treat. Some of it went on top of a waffle this morning. The rest of it I think I'll use in a smoothie/lassi as soon as I go buy some plain Turkish yogurt. (Guess that means I should get dressed and head to the store.)

The nectarine topping is ok and does work well with the waffles, but I'm not sure I'll make it again. I'm not sure I like the almond or nutmeg flavoring for nectarines, at least not in this case. Fresh nectarines directly on top of the waffles is definitely preferred.

Today, I need to portion out the cookie dough and get it in the freezer. This is my favorite chocolate chip cookie from the coffee house I worked at in the US, many years ago and I know the recipe almost by heart nowadays.

Then, I'm thinking today I'll make some Glazed Lemon Biscotti, minus the glaze. I saw this recipe on Technicolor Kitchen's blog on Monday and it reminded me it has been ages since I've made biscotti, plus, it will help me use up the lemons I have on hand.

But, in the mean time, I'll leave you all with the chocolate porridge recipe I made last night.

Suklaapuuro / Chocolate porridge
4-6 servings

1 liter (4 1/4 cups) milk (at least 2% is best)
1 dl (1/2 cup) cream of wheat
3/4 dl (1/3 cup) sugar
1/2 dl (1/4 cup) baking cocoa
1/4 teaspoon salt

This needs to be watched and stirred the entire time so the milk doesn't burn.

In a thick bottomed saucepan, bring the milk to a boil.
Combine the rest of the ingredients and sift into the boiling milk, stirring the mixture uniformly.
Continue cooking at a low boil for about 7 minutes, stir with a wooden spoon so that it doesn't burn on the bottom of the pan.
Remove from heat, let the pudding set for a few minutes with a lid on it.
Serve with slightly warmed milk.

Tip: if you want, you can add 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar (extract) to the porridge.

JustHeather's note: I added a little bit extra baking cocoa to make it even chocolatey-er!
I've never added the warmed milk to eat it, nor have I added the vanilla sugar/extract (yet).
And I like to eat it warm!