24 August 2012

Happy Birthday, Mr Siili

Yesterday's post that didn't get finished:
My Mr Siili turns 38 years old today. He'd old, well at least older than me. *grin*

I know he doesn't care much about his birthday and sees it as just another day, but I like celebrating it and making something of it. I can't wait for him to get home from work and open his gift this evening. It isn't much, but I know he'll like it (a blue kitchen knife) because a few months ago we saw them in the store and he thought it would be cool to have one, but we didn't really need it. So, I made a mental note of it and got it for him. Bonus, it was even on sale!

Today's continuation:
Mr Siili's response about the knife was a grin and then he wondered why it wasn't glow-in-the-dark, "because a glow-in-the-dark knife would be cool". Uhm, ok.

Paxlet is still baking. I'm truly happy he is enjoying his time in my uterus, who knows if it will ever be used again. But really! I would love to meet my little guy now! I have now tried some acupressure (several times), ate curry for lunch yesterday with a co-worker (who was a bit freaked out at having lunch with an overdue pregnant woman) and I spent 2,5 hours out in the woods across from our house yesterday picking chanterelle mushrooms.
And nothing has changed!
Yesterday's catch, all clean. Approx. 6 liters of chanterelle mushrooms.

My good friend R sent me a message this morning that she had some painful contractions again last night. She's 5 weeks behind me in her 2nd pregnancy. With the way things are going, we might end up giving birth together, along with a co-worker whose EDD is 2 days behind Paxlet's (if she hasn't given birth by now, as the last time I talked to her was a couple of days ago).
I have managed to get some of the things done from my 'to-do' list on Wednesday, but I should try to get some more done today.
  • Wash some laundry, at least one load
  • Write something on Mr Siili's birthday card seeing as his birthday is tomorrow
  • Start filling in Paxlet's Baby Book that I bought a couple of weeks ago
  • Write the last Thank You-card for my Skype-video baby shower (it was a last minute addition, all the rest have been sent, except for the 2 that need addresses) 
  • Organize Paxlet's clothes in the closet. Right now they are just piled in there
  • Continue with organizing and arranging boxes and other stuff from the move (3 months ago)
  • Re-check Paxlet's coming home bag, I think I want to make a change or two
I think I'll go get started on some of it...laundry is the easiest.