08 August 2012

Best virtual baby shower EVER - photos

Below are the items we received from the baby shower* on Saturday from my family and friends in the US.

With many of the gifts my family sent, the items followed one of a few themes: lion, giraffe, elephant, green, frogs and basketball. The lion/Leo is for me and also Paxlet, if he is born before the 23rd. Giraffes are for Mr Siili, because when we first met, he made some silly comment about giraffes (which totally confused me at the time) and I started buying him giraffe stuff. Elephants are because my mom's maiden name sort of sounds like 'elephant' and she had a thing for collecting elephants for many years. Green and frogs, well I love both and Paxlet is going to have to deal with that until he can make known his own color and animal choices. Mr Siili plays basketball, so that one was easy enough.
My mom had found these bags at some point and was saving them for Mr Siili and I. I think I might frame them and put them on the wall.
This was my fall/winter/snow suit when I was first born. My mom had saved it and my stepmom and sister found it and sent it in the package. I was born about a month before Paxlet will be born, so I'm hoping he'll still fit in this when it gets colder out.
These were all items that at least one of us kids have used previously.
My mom knitted the bulk of each of these items, but didn't get them finished. My stepmom (top) and MIL (botties and bottom) finished them for us. All grandmothers have had a hand in these items and made them possible!
My stepmom crocheted each of these items with yarn from my mom's stash. The hat/beret in the upper left hand corner is for me to use on days when I just can't be bothered to wash my greasy hair. LOL Also, the sweater is the first my stepmom had ever done.
This bonnet and pants were made by my MIL. I think they'll go quite well with the sweaters shown above.
My aunt made this amazing fleece blanket.
Karen, a family friend, made these tye-die onsies and socks for us. They are all different sizes so we should have some amazing tye-die items for some time.
My sister found this cute lion puppet/washcloth a while ago. And the purple corduroy Sketchers are something my mom bought for my sister, so I only have them on loan.
These are all items my mom had bought in preparation for a grandchild (second-hand). The Snugli (top left) is handmade and is like the one she had for my younger siblings. She loved it so much that she wanted to share it with us kids. The food mill (top right), I remember us having one for my younger siblings and almost bought one here a week or so ago. So glad I waited. The white onesie is Baby Dior and from what my stepmom says, my mom was so excited to find that as every baby needs something uber brand name. LOL The white thing in the middle is just a thick cloth that can be used for whatever (for ex, changing blanket). The green corduroy pants are just amazing and I want a pair like that for myself. And the blanket (actually it is a duvet, but my stepmom and sister didn't realize that, tee hee) at the bottom is just cute, even with the itty bitty bit of pink.
A few more things my mom had purchased. The lighter yellow sleeper (middle top) has a giraffe on it. The two orange items (right hand side) have basketballs. And the Hawaiian shirt is in honor of my dad because he wears lots of these shirts. Now Paxlet will be able to match his grandpa.
 Pooh stuff is from long time family friend, Tess and her family. Mansi thinks these are for her and wants to play with them. Doh!
 My stepmom, sister and (step)grandma went on a shopping spree for these items. I love them. Especially the two onesies at the lower left hand corner (My auntie rocks and My uncle(s) is awesome).
And that my friends, is the other half of why I had the best virtual baby shower ever.

* There are a couple of items that my dad will bring when he comes in September: a breast feeding blanket/bib (to cover myself and child), a set of natural driftwood 'blocks' and a bright, colorful and whimsical painting of flowers.