20 August 2012

Fruit and more fruit!

The fruits pictured below are half of my food shopping today (minus one mango that didn't survive being home even 5 minutes). One of the grocery store chains is having their "super days" sales where many of the fruits are 1€ per kilo or container. I love it when this chain has this sale because I can get so many different fruits that I love for very cheap. Plus, the slightly more exotic fruits, such as mangoes, coconuts and sometimes pineapples, are brought in en masse and are fresher during this time as tons of them are brought in for the sale!

Now I just need to eat them all before Paxlet arrives.
15,00€ worth of fruit!
This past Saturday, Mr Siili and I went to a friend's house for grilled food, crepes, wood sauna, a swim in the lake and a few games of pool/billiards. The food was superb and we all ate way too much! The sauna was perfectly hot and the lake cool (20C / 70F) although it felt cold, which is why it was perfect to switch back and forth between the two. And once I warmed up, I wasn't too bad at playing pool. The only downside was that I was on my feet quite a bit, which caused my fingers, ankles and especially the tops of my feet to get very swollen and painful.

Sunday, Mr Siili and I slept in late, then lazed around the house on a rainy day. I took a 3 hour nap early in the afternoon and then Skyped with my family in the evening. My family is so excited about Paxlet's arrival. (We are too!) There was lots of discussion about labour, breathing, pain relief, nursing and so on. I can't wait for this next part of the journey to get underway.

Right now, this is what is in the chair next to me. I love these kitties!
Rusty & Mansi