03 August 2012

NaBloPoMo, giving it a go

Paxlet is now free to come whenever he wants. I've seen the Red Hot Chili Peppers!
The concert was great yesterday and I survived if quite well. The weather even cooperated quite beautifully. The worst of it was/is the swollen ankles, which I was prepared for, and the cigarette smoke. Ugh, that I wasn't prepared for. The first two bands were Poets of the Fall (Finnish) and The Vaccines (British). The first band I know and feel are decent enough, but don't listen to the outside of the radio or someone else playing them. The second band I've never heard of and didn't really care for them. I mean, they weren't bad, just sort of boring, monotonous and very British (not that that is bad either).
RHCP was who I was there for and so excited to see. We didn't have the of places to see, as it always seemed some tall guys were right in front of my friend and I. And because we were far enough back, Anthony, Flea and the others were sort of small on the stage. That didn't diminish my excitement or the fact that I have now seen Anthony Kiedis live!! That's one thing I can write off my bucket list.
I had my neuvola appointed today. My neuvola hemoglobin is not going up at all, in fact it dropped down one more point to 106. The nurse suggested that I try taking it with some orange juice.
My blood pressure was also a bit higher than normal today. Compared to what it has been most of the pregnancy, it isn't much higher. The nurse didn't seem too concerned, although she did instruct me to call there (during the day) or to the labor and delivery department at the hospital if I start getting headaches, blurred vision, (something else) or very itchy palms/feet. As those can be signs of toxicity.
I also mentioned that I didn't think Paxlet was moving as much the last couple of days, especially on Monday. So the nurse gave me some homework to do: actively monitor and count Paxlets movements for an hour (or two, depending on the outcome) each evening over the next few days. If I get 10-15 movements during the monitoring, all is fine. If less than that, I should move around a bit and/or eat a little something sweet and monitor again. If the movements are still under 10 during that time, I should call to get further monitoring. Paxlet passed with flying colors this evening, especially after I ate some ice cream.
I've seen and read about NaBloPoMo for some time, but I've never tried it. I stumbled across it again yesterday and for some reason I decided I'd give it a go this month (as often as I feel like). And what a coincidence, this month's topic is SWEET. I can do sweet, I love all things sweet.

Today's topic is: What is the sweetest thing someone said to you today?
I didn't have much interaction with people today, but my cats snuggled with me and Mr Siili asked if I slept well. Both of those things are pretty sweet to me.
- JustHeather