29 December 2011

Taking stock of 2011

As many blogs I read have pointed out, the end of 2011 is near and it is coming fast! I've also read several blogs that have taken stock over all that has happened this past year. I've never really done that, especially not on my blog. After thinking it over a bit, I've decided that I'd like to do that. So, here's what went down in 2011 in the life of me, JustHeather.

I started the year off on a downer. IVF #1 had failed early December and I was waiting until I could notify my clinic that I wanted to start round 2. I thought about acupuncture, going gluten free and trying out the Mayan Womb Massage. At the end of the month, IVF #2 got under way. Also, Mr Siili's job contract ended at the end of the year.

Mr Siili had his appendix removed and less than a week later defended his PhD thesis. We've got a doctor in the house! In other 'house-type' news, we signed a reservation contract for a house we were thinking of buying. After almost a year's worth of union negotiations at work, it was confirmed that my job was mine to keep, if I wanted it. I wanted it!

I was quite moody from IVF hormones. IVF #2 failed. But we did have 3 frozen (2 +1) embryos. I enjoyed my 1 week of winter holiday.

The stress before two weeks of strike from work caused my body to delay ovulation by 1 week.

I discovered Mel at Stirrup Queens! (My life hasn't been the same since, in a very positive way.) FET #1 starts. I survived mother's day and even had my ex's mom send me a very sweet FB message to tell me she's thinking of me. We signed the papers for our new place! It should be built in about a year's time. I changed my blog's name from Elämä Suomessa / Life in Finland to BattleFish. (I still like BattleFish!) I participate in ICLW for the first time. FET #1 fails. Got a 2nd monitor at work (I love having 2!!) and bonded with my big boss over IF, wanting to be a mom and her hysterectomy.

Attempted FET #2, naturally. My body didn't ovulate when it should have, so the FET was a no-go and thus started my 4 month summer holiday break from assisted TTC. Posted my 100th post. My cat, Sabby, that I got when I was 16 or so died. A week later my mom died of a heart attack and Mr Siili and I went to the US for her memorial. (I miss you, mom!)
I just couldn't resist sharing this cute Mansi & Rusty picture.
I was reeling with emotions over my mom's death, my mom never being able to be a grandma to my future kids and my inability to get pregnant. We observed the 1 year anniversary of the death of our cat, Kantti. Mr Siili and I celebrated 13 years of being together and 12 years of me living in Finland. I went to my first acupuncture treatment (ever). I turned 35 and had my first 'age' crisis.

Mr Siili and I celebrated our 5th anniversary of marriage! I enjoyed 3 weeks of summer holiday, in a row! We hit the 3 year mark in TTC. I left for Shanghai at the end of the month for a 2 week work trip.

I got sick in Shanghai and experienced a regular doctor and acupuncture treatment at a well known TCM hospital. I returned home from Shanghai (and I still haven't dealt with the pictures, bad me!). Cycle #40 started, which meant our 4 month "summer break" was finally over and FET #2 could start (natural cycle).

FET #2 took place and failed. Had some major break downs over my mom. Really talked with my girlfriends, it helped immensely.

IVF #3 started. On 11.11.11 I had my girlfriends over, it was cheap therapy and great chatting! Went to Breaking Dawn Part 1 with work friends. My body responded a bit too well to the hormones and retrieval (Nov 30th) and transfer (Dec 2nd) was bumped up twice. I had my first ever therapy appointment (not impressed). I got my RHCP ticket!

Progesterone suppositories, 'nuff said. Transfer was on the 2nd. Only one little embryo was frozen. I had my second therapy appointment (still not impressed). I really started trying to come to terms with the idea that I might not ever have kids of my own. Mr Siili had a job interview and they offered him the job! (He starts Jan 1st.) On December 16th, after almost 3,5 years of TTC, I got my BFP! We celebrated xmas at the in-laws, with no one the wiser about the bump I'm growing.

What a year! I have no idea what could be in store for us during these last few days of 2011, but I'm counting on them passing by relatively peacefully.

I'm eagerly looking forward to 2012, the Chinese year of the Dragon! It's my year! I also can't wait for my first ultrasound on January 9th. Stay tuned!