27 July 2011


This morning was my first acupuncture appointment, ever. I have no idea if it will actually help me to get pregnant, but the experience was interesting and I'm willing to still give it a go. Also, my back is feeling a bit better after this morning. Is it a placebo effect or is it really doing something?

The whole appointment took 1.5 hours. The first part of it was spent with the guy, MRJ, asking me questions about my health and body. And then he stuck me with 40-50 needles and warmed parts of me with a burning charcoal stick (it didn't touch me, but was near my skin). I barely felt most of the needles going in. Usually when the needle went in, it was just a tapping feeling or maybe a tiny pinch. The few needles that I did feel weren't that bad. The 2 worst ones were on the bottom of my feet and the one between my toes on my left foot, which are sensitive areas to begin with. Once the needles were in, I did feel pain in my left ankle area, but when MRJ touched it or put another needle in (I'm not sure which, maybe both), it did feel better. Although, now my ankle is feeling a bit strange. I realized I didn't tell him about my ankle injury years ago that still bothers me. I wonder if that could effect anything? In any case, I'll mention it to MRJ before we start next week's session.

As for what my "diagnosis" is, it seems I have a cold and most lower part of my abdomen. Endometriosis is considered cold and wet and so is the fact that my hands and feet are usually cold. I also told MRJ about my asthma, to which he said it was considered a warm-issue, but most likely an infection (not a good warm in any case). The mucus that comes with the asthma is cold (I think). In any case, everything in the body is connected and from some of the symptoms I have (endo being a big one), my kidneys and spleen seem to be mostly effected, which are also part of the body that is quite needed to help with producing a pregnancy. My body is cold right now and a cold body (especially in the uterus/ovary area) cannot produce a warm life. So, we need to get my body warm again!

He told me that I shouldn't eat cold foods such as yogurt, ice cream, salad and veggies or fruits without at least heating them up a bit first (the latter items, not the first two). I should also try to eat foods with spices in them, such as dried ginger (blech), clove, hot peppers, etc and also walnuts. Other foods also include salmon, some other fish and lamb. But I should stay away from foods that are salty. None of these food items are a must, but rather ideas on what types of things I should eat. So, after this evening's salad (we have to get rid of the food we'd already bought) and that I did heat a bit, I'll being trying to stick with warm foods. That means no more frozen juice! Or ice cream! And it's hot right now.

I have one more session paid for (with a Groupon type deal) and then we'll need to discuss the price and how many more times are needed. Mr Siili isn't really on board with this or any other homeopathic/holistic approaches, but he doesn't stop me from trying them if I think they will help.

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