07 December 2011

Star light, star bright

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight.
Wish I may, wish I might,
Get the wish I wish tonight.

I sure won't be seeing any stars tonight. But that is ok, it is finally snowing*. And I'm loving it!

For the last 3+ years, whenever I see my first star of the evening/night, I would say that little nursery rhyme and make my wish. I'm sure you can guess what my wish has been every. single. time. You, you guessed it. I've wished to get pregnant, have a baby or some sort of warm squishy feeling along those lines.

Lately though, the response to that little nursery rhyme has been different. I've been wishing for Mr Siili to find a job (that he likes) and that he is happy/satisfied/content. I don't count them as two separate things, because I see them as going hand in hand.

It's been almost a year since he had a job and a couple of months less since he got his doctorate. I can only imagine how difficult this is for him and the stress if not having a job. Especially with us hopefully getting a loan soon for our new place. I know it weighs on him something fierce. And for all that, I just want him feeling positive about things. I know it would make many life easier.

*Several hours later and the white stuff is still coming down.