11 May 2011

A bit of this and that

I have a lot of different bits and pieces of thoughts and ideas running through my head lately and I need to get them out, but I don't feel that they deserve an entire post to themselves. Or if I did give an entire post to them and stuck to 1-2 posts a day, I'd never get them all out or they would be old news by the time I got around to them. So, here is buffet of my thoughts today:

1. My (our) embryos were to be thawed today.
If all goes well, my FET will happen tomorrow. I haven't really been thinking about it too much. It almost doesn't seem real. And I don't know if I believe anything positive will come out of it. I don't know if it is a loss of belief or hope or only reality. In any case, I'm not being negative about it, just less focused. (At least for now.) I'll call the clinic in the morning hours tomorrow (Wednesday) to find out exactly when I need to go into the clinic, wth a full bladder. Very important to remember!

2. I sent in my resignation from the union today, but I will still be with the unemployment fund.
What that means is that I no longer get the union benefits (discount at some hotels we never stay at, a few cents off of gas that I've never taken advantage of, legal services should the need arrive, etc), but at the same time, I don't have to go on strike if/when the union calls for it. Belonging to an unemployment fund gives you a better unemployment allowance should a person ever become unemployed (the union has this too, but with all the bells and whistles), but you have no obligation to do what the union says. Plus the unemployent fund is cheaper.

3. Another strike (phase whatever) is set to happen at my work on Thursday at 06.00.
Last month I was a part of the union and was a good girl and supported the strikes. It stressed me out so badly. This month, I feel that I am wiser and not happy with what the union is trying to "achieve". I am also not happy about having to be on strike for another 2 weeks this month (plus the 3 days last week). I don't want to lose 2 more weeks of pay and 2.5 more days of my yearly holiday. All excuses aside, I have made my decision to do what I will. It has allowed me to be stress free over the whole thing. That is very good.

4. Hubby and I signed our live's away today!
It's a good thing, I think We signed the papers for our house (half of a duplex really)! It is being built now and we'll move in in a year. I'm cautiously happy, but more nervous and scared than anything right now. We've not told close friends or family yet, although I have mentioned it to the blog world and some co-workers.

5. I casually mentioned to a friend tonight that I wasn't quite ready to head to bed as I wanted to blog a bit more. She asked if she could read my blog, if it wasn't too private. I need to figure out what to tell her. This blog can't be too private if I'm writing it on the internet for the world to see. And if anyone knows what to use to search for it, I am easy to find. Yet, most of my friends aren't the type to go sleuthing and try to find out where I am. *grin* At the same time, this blog is my release, my vent and my way of letting it all hang out. I worry that if I start sharing this with close friends (and family?) that I'll start feeling like I need to censor myself. Or maybe I won't feel the need to censor, I just don't know. So, this is a little something to ponder.
Feed back anyone?

6. I'm not totally happy with my blog name.
I don't really feel that my life in Finland is the real subject matter of the blog. Sure, some of the things I blog about relate to Finland, but not completely. I think most of my posts would still happen, no matter where in the world I  would be. So, in that light, hubby and I bantered around a few new names:
- rumblefish/battlefish
- My 2nd post was about peruna rieska
- Yes, Honey
Each of these items describe me and an aspect of my life (or more than one). I just need to decide if I really want to change my blog's name (yes) and to what.

7. My husband makes me laugh.
He has always loved playing with words, mixing them up and twisting them around. I guess that is part of what made me fall in love with him. I do admit it does frustrate me at times though. Tonight he was being his usual self and I just love it.

Those are my thoughts, in a very big nut shell. Good night, sleep well and don't let the bed bugs bite.