21 March 2011

Sometimes I hate being right

Well, as I suspected, AF showed her face today. I'm sad, disappointed, devastated and ok in turns. I'll call the clinic in the morning to let them know what's up and see if I can plow on ahead this cycle and not have to wait one out. On the up side, at least I don't have to use the suppositories anymore.

I may be sad, but I am strong and I will persevere. I just need some time. 

In a more positive vein (I feel that I'm quite negative on here and I'm not really that way in life), I got a sewing machine 2 weekends ago. I haven't used it yet, but I think I will this week sometime. I want to make myself (another) phone cozy, book bag and who knows what else.

This last weekend hubby gave me a laptop! It's not a new laptop, but it is new to me. I installed Ubuntu on it, because the Windows OS it had on it was infected with a nasty mean virus. Out, damn virus, out! Now, I just need to finish setting it up and get it more me-like. haha

Today was my first official day of holiday for the week. I lazed around and felt sad for myself in the morning. I played on the computer a bit, did some finance stuff and then headed off to the gym. I ran for 1,5 km and then went to BodyBalance. Tomorrow I am going to BodyCombat! My favorite gym class, ever!
Let's see what else I can manage to do this week!