12 April 2011

1 week and still going

It's been one week of this strike and it's still continuing. There's talk that we will go the full two weeks of strike and I believe it. Today, the trade union has announced that it will expand the strike to two more companies. I'm still quite bummed about losing 2 weeks pay and this month's holiday (2.5 days). I'm also concerned at what the working environment will be like when we get back. I also wonder how well my job has been done in my absence. Bleh.

For being on strike, I've managed to keep quite busy. I've spent 3 mornings picketing at work, taken naps from being so tired on those days, gone to the gym many times (and more to come), hung out with a couple of friends (had a great lunch and free Ben & Jerry's ice cream today), hung out with hubby & cats and even managed to just laze around home. Let's see what the upcoming week brings.