05 December 2011

Progesterone + pads = pain in the ...

Ok, so I don't really have any pain anywhere from either the progesterone or pads (or panty liners), but I liked the continuation of the P-alliteration. But it brings up the fact that I don't like progesterone, nor pads!

I don't think I have many side effects from the progesterone suppositories other than the very prominent sore breasts and hard nipples (is that one even progesterone related?). I feel quite lucky for this, but it still doesn't mean I like having the progesterone leak out of me all day long and gush at least 3 times a day. This is just not sexy!

Which leads me to the issue of pads/panty liners. I have a much bigger dislike of pads than I do of progesterone, but when using progesterone suppositories, pads are a necessary evil. Imagine, if I didn't have any pads to protect my panties and pants? I'd be one huge greasy leak. Just the thought of that makes me queasy (or maybe it was eating too much sweets today). But really, I just hate the fact of having something bulky and in between my legs all day long. (Hey, I'm not complaining about having something between my legs ever, it is just the pad thing that I'm complaining about. *wicked grin*) I've bought many different brands and types over the years and for the most part, most of them, especially the bulkier ones, just don't stay nicely in place. Or, I am constantly reminded of their presense just because they are there. I have found one brand with very thin liners that I will use at the end of AF, but they are definitely not absorbant enough for progesterone. Pads just aren't sexy either!

Does anyone else have such a dislike of pads as I do? I can't be the only one out there that prefers a tampon almost any day over a pad. What about those of you who use pads regularly, is there any particular reason you'd use them over tampons? I mean, I'd prefer to not have to use tampons or pads for 9 months, but that's another matter all together.
Please weigh in.