25 March 2011

Winter holiday

My winter holiday week off from work is almost over and what a wintry week it has been. It has snowed a significant amount at least three days this week with much dark grey cloud cover and it has been quite windy. A bit more sun than  we've seen lately would be nice.
I never feel as if I've done anything during my holidays when I'm just at home. I know lots of people say that is the point of a holiday, but I'd like to feel as if I did something. I know I have accomplished a few things this week:
-starting up at the gym again (BodyBalance, BodyCombat, new workout program w/the personal trainer, Balletone & ...),
-visited a friend in another town with 2 other friends,
-worked on our financial stuff some (although I really need to do more),
-gone to the dentist to have a filling replaced,
-hungry out with kitties & hubby,
-done a little arts & crafts (but want to do more),
-and I'll go meet another friend today.
So this hasn't been a total slacking week, but I also haven't done some of the things I really should do (get organized & stuff ready for the fleamarket). Can't do everything, right?
I had a point I wanted to get across in this post, but I've completely forgotten what it was while I've slowly typed this up on my phone. Ah well, it couldn't have been too important.
Edit: As soon as I published this I remembered my point!  Being that this is my holiday week, why do I keep waking up between 7-8 each morning without an alarm?! Especially when I'm going to bed after 1am.