15 December 2011

One more sleep

It's been a pretty good day today, after I finally woke up. I've not been getting much sleep lately with going to bed late because we've been working on loan and insurance stuff and then waking up (too) early for work. Last night and this morning were no different. *yawn* But the day itself hasn't been half bad.

My lady bits were so raw and sore last night from the progesterone, I was ready to just stop taking it all together. I know, so close to the finish line, I could stick it out...but I just didn't want to. But I did! I did cheat a little and sort of "missed" one dose, but my lady bits sure are thanking me for it. And now, I've got just one more sleep before I can POAS, less than 24 hours (more like 14 hours) to find out it is a BFN and stop my progesterone! I'm so freaking excited!

In other news, Mr Siili had an interview today and HE GOT THE JOB!!!!! The company only sent him an email last night asking if he would be available for an interview today, but he didn't get the email until quite late. So he woke up early (for him) this morning and replied. The company called him back and he was in the interview by noon and called me by 13:30 telling me he had the job if he wanted it. I'm so freaking thrilled! I hope he likes the job!

I spent 2.5 hours during work today (on my own time) going to 2 different insurance companies and chatting with them. *phew*

And now, in 5 minutes, I'm leaving work to head to BodyCombat! It's been weeks since I've gone. There is a new program and I want to experience it a few times before my gym membership runs out at the end of the month. (Part of cutting back on expenses. My work has a gym downstairs with machines, but no classes.)

One last announcement. If you haven't signed up for this year's Creme de la Creme list, do it! Today is the last day (until 11:50 EST) to get your entry in the list that is published on January 1st.