20 November 2011

It's been a good couple of days: a movie, clinic appointment, pikkujoulu and RHCP

Things have been going a bit better. No more headaches, or at least not as bad as earlier this week. I still have the stressors in my life (who doesn't?), but they too aren't getting me down as bad as they were earlier this week. I'm try to work on things so that they aren't so stressful. We'll see how it works.

As I last mentioned, I went and saw Breaking Dawn part 1 on Thursday/Friday night, 4 minutes after midnight. Let me tell you, the movie was great!!! I think it followed the book quite well and everything was just beautiful. I definitely can't wait to see it again, although, I'll wait until it comes out on DVD, because I just don't want to pay movie theater prices to see it again. Some of the gals I went to the movie with, myself included, sure did feel old at the midnight showing. Most of the girls there were young, but I guess that was to be expected. It didn't take away the enjoyment of the movie at all. I did feel sorry for most of the handful of guys there, especially the older man who was obviously there with is daughter and friends. At least I hope that was the situation! There was one young emo-goth guy in pink with sparkly hair, I didn't feel sorry for him. I just giggled. I know, it makes me a bad person.

Friday I had the day off from work. It was so needed! I slept in until around 11am. (I only crawled into bed at 3am.) Once I woke up and got dressed, I headed to my clinic appointment. It was a good appointment with lots of information updated and explained to me. (The full clinic appointment details will be posted tomorrow for day 1 of November ICLW.) After the appointment I went to pick up my ovary stimulation injection drugs that I'll start today. And then it was back home to get ready for the evening's pikkujoulut.

Pikkujoulut means little christmas, which is the term for chistmas parties. In this case, it was my work's christmas party. This year's party was to be held at a local night club smack dab downtown. It was a cozy venue with only (~400) people from our company present. (Last year we shared the venue with 3-4 other companies and the live band/singer sucked!) There was a dj playing music before and after the American comedian. The comedian was quite funny, although some of his jokes were quite..American and, in my opinion, tasteless. They still got laughs, but he didn't really need to swear so much. I guess the American in me isn't so dominant anymore. He was funny and I liked his act, don't get me wrong.

The food was yummy and I ate a huge plate full. What? I hadn't eaten all day. And I'm never one to pass up on food! There was quite a traditional Finnish spread: ham, rosolli (beetroot) salad, salmon lox, mushroom salad, carrot casserole, potato casserole, rutabaga casserole and puff pastry stars with plum jam for dessert.
We each received 3 drink tickets as we entered the venue. No soda for me this year, I actually drank 3 ciders!! No, I didn't get drunk. Especially not with my tummy full of food and all the dancing I did.

I had such a blast. I danced danced danced* and then I switched shoes with a friend (she had high heels and I had pumps) and we danced danced danced some more. I'm not one for being out late and at clubs, but when you've got a bunch of people you know around, it was just too much fun to pass up. I am trying to block out the images of some of the drunk people, but that happens every year. You know, what happens at the pikkujoulu, stays at the pikkujoulu. I caught the 1:10am bus home.
*I just had to share this cute kitty cat dance.

To make a great day and night even better, a friend was able to purchase me an advance sales Red Hot Chili Pepper's ticket!!! That's right, I'm going to see RHCP in concert next August 1st. They are coming to MY TOWN. The ONE band that I have wanted to see for ever and ever and they are coming here! You'll here more about this later one, I'm very sure of it.

Saturday was spent being lazy, going to sauna and making soup for dinner. Today was almost as lazy, but we actually made it out of the house to go take pictures of our new place and buy milk. This next couple of weeks is going to be busy and I'm not sure I'm really looking forward to it. It'll be what it will be though.