20 June 2012

31 weeks

Total Weight Loss/Gain: I'm an even 80 kilos this week. That puts me up 14 kilos from my start weight. Still not worrying about my weight, but I do think a little bit (only a bit, mind you) before eating some of the sweets I want.

Maternity Clothes: Totally loving the clothes I bought last week. I hope I now have enough to get me through the rest of this pregnancy.

Stretch marks: I had a neuvola appointment this morning and the nurse commented on how beautifully round and stretch mark-less my tummy is. I could only grin.

Sleep: Getting enough sleep is an off and on thing. Some days I feel quite rested, others I just don't want to get out of bed. Today I actually took a nap and I'm feeling great at the moment. I don't always want to take a nap because I know it doesn't guarantee that I'll wake up refreshed and pleasant (poor Mr Siili).

Movement: Paxlet is still mostly kicking me on my right side. It's quite funny (for lack of a better word) when he kicks me and the right side of my tummy is hard with his body, yet the left side is left soft and 'empty'.

Cravings/Aversions: I'm going to the store to get me more fruits today, especially nectarines and watermelon.

During this last week, Mr Siili and I bought some nectarines. I picked out 3 and he picked out 2. I ate my 3 in the first day and a half. I posted on Facebook and joked with Mr Siili that I was going to eat his too if he didn't eat them soon. Soon after, when moving Mr Siili's nectarines from the counter to the table, one jumped out of my hand and onto the floor. It got bruised. Mr Siili didn't eat it that night, so I ate it the next morning. I couldn't let the bruise get worse! And just today, I re-spied his last nectarine on the table. It no longer exists in fruit form. *big grin*

Gender: It's a boy!!
As the neuvola nurse was checking my tummy size (fundal height) today she was quite sure she felt an arm or leg at the top of my uterus. I know that isn't anything earth shattering or relevant in terms of my pregnancy, but it made me smile. Paxlet and uterus are measuring just right for 31 weeks.

Symptoms: I've been a bit tired lately and my iron is a tiny bit low, so I'm going to take some iron again. But I'm not 100% convinced that this tiredness is due to lack of iron. I know I just haven't been sleeping as well, for one reason or another, like usual.

I've eaten too much food in one go a couple of times this last week, which has left me feeling quite yucky. It's all my own fault though. LOL

I'm finding that I need to sit up more and definitely not slouch. Slouching leaves me breathless and also a very uncomfortable tummy.

What I miss: I miss being able to spring up out of bed so easily. And as usual, there really isn't much else I can think of that I miss. I'm still doing most of what I normally do, just taking it a bit slower.

What I look forward to: Juhannus (mid-summer) is this weekend. I hope we'll grill some makkara (sausages), as that is sounding really yummy to me right now.

Only 2 more weeks of work (plus a day or so) when I go back next week. I'm so thrilled that I'll be off from work and that it is finally my turn to get to experience this thing called 'maternity leave'!

Next week is the final parenting course. It will be about birth. I look forward to hearing what they have to say, as I really haven't thought too much about my upcoming birthing experience, other than it will happen. I also wonder if I'm being a bit naive about thinking that I can maybe do it naturally. Yet, I am not against needing medications, if I feel so when the time comes. This is a subject to think about more in the near future.

Moods: I've been a bit weepy and moody this last week. I know part of it is due to missing my mom.

Milestones: Paxlet is the size of a squash, yet again this week! He is the weight of 4 navel oranges, which is about 1600g.

Medical concerns: I think the yeast infection is better, but I'm still watching for symptoms that it hasn't fully gone away or that it has made a come back.

I have been having some asthma issues with feeling like I can't get enough air, but that is easily solved with using my inhaler.

Misc:  I tried to do a little something nice for Mr Siili on Sunday morning for Father's day, although in Finland this date doesn't happen until the fall. The place I wanted to take him wasn't open for another 30 minutes when we arrived, so we went back home and will maybe go there another day. I was bummed that my little plan didn't work out.

Then Mr Siili and I had a heated argument about all the crap in our place and not having enough room to put it. It started because Mansi knocked over the computer siding and gouged a hole in the floor. Mr Siili thinks if we had no crap, that everything would already be in it's place and this wouldn't have happened. I'll concede that we do have a lot of crap, but I don't think we have as much unnecessary stuff as he thinks. In my opinion, it is more a matter of storage spaces being different in this new place than our old place and therefore it will take some time to figure everything out. He's unhappy and stressed that the house isn't 100% ready now, just over 3 weeks after moving.

In other events, my baby shower later in the day on Sunday was awesome! I had my best and greatest friends (and co-workers) with me. We talked, ate (too much), laughed, played a few games and I opened presents.

The games were fun, easy and didn't take too long. No eating poo out of diapers here!!! Blech. We played a memory game, word scramble game (with Finnish & English words), identify the given Moomin characters by name and the last one was the funniest. There were 8-9 questions/items that people had to answer and only once Paxlet is born, will we know the winner. My friends had to guess the date Paxlet would be born on, his weight and height, plus suggest some names he might be called, what I might yell or say during delivery and so on. It was quite amusing reading the answers the following day. I sure hope I don't go 2 weeks over the due date. In fact, I've talked with Paxlet and he is welcome to come a few days early.

I (we) received a green bathtub and green hooded froggy towel, several pieces of clothing (many are green), a small diaper bag that can attach to the stroller, a mirror to put on the headrest of the car so I/we can easily see the baby while driving, a baby monitor, a kitty mug for me and a Baby guide (for engineers) book for Mr Siili. I also can't forget that my BIL & SIL gave us their recently used (for their 3rd child) infant car seat.

As I've been sitting here typing this post up, the construction men have been working an extra long day (it's now 6pm) getting the yard prepared. When we moved in, the insides of all the houses were finished, but the outside of the houses and yards are not scheduled to be completed until the end of July. Our yard has been flattened, raked, the mulch put on the borders and who knows what else will be done today. Eventually we'll have grass!

This week's bump pictures can be seen in the Paxlet Pictures tab.
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