08 June 2012

Look what I got yesterday!

My co-workers are the greatest!! This is what they gave me (and another one like it, with different colors, to our co-worker who is just as pregnant as me) yesterday.
~ * ^ * ~
I've worked at this company for just over 4 years and I still like what I do and who I work with! Our team has a good working atmosphere and we all seem to get along quite well. Lots of joking, helping one another out and chatting all around. Sure there has been the occasional person that has bugged me more than normal, but that has been few and far and inbetween.
~ * ^ * ~
There was a meeting that me and the other pregnant lady weren't invited to yesterday. I hadn't really noticed that our section of the floor had cleared out and was very quite, but one of our team mates stopped by my desk with the other pregnant girl and told me there was a meeting right then. *Strange* I told her I wasn't notified of it and that I was busy doing stuff. She got a bit flustered and said I had to come to the meeting. I lightly huffed and said I'd join, but first I had to make a pit stop in the bathroom. The other pregnant girl agreed and made a pit stop too. *Strange* We were the last two up to the meeting room and everyone was waiting outside the door. As we walked up to the group, one of the guys gestured to us to go in...and I knew for sure something was up! As we the two of us opened the door, we saw our diaper cakes sitting right there on the end of the table for us. Talk about a great moment of surprise and happiness!