07 June 2012

29 weeks

So many thoughts and so little time.

*My week and a half holiday is over, but it sure wasn't much of a holiday as I spent almost all of it moving, unpacking and organizing and we're still not done.

*Co-worker and I were discussing pregnancy stuff and he re-told me about his wife's off handed remark to her doctor at 38 weeks how she had itchy palms. the doctor took her immediately in for some tests and it turned out to be quite series as that is one sign of liver issues (and I am too lazy to look up the proper name for the issue).

*I can't believe that I'll be starting maternity leave in just over a month. So many things to do at work and at home before I feel like I can even start to feel ready.

*More things, but it is late and I really need to get this published so I can get some sleep. It's been a loooong day.

Total Weight Loss/Gain: No weight gain this week. +11kg total

Maternity Clothes: I tried to wear some of my regular jeans (because I don't have any maternity jeans), with a belly band, but sitting for any period of time was just uncomfortable.

I found a cute summery non-maternity dress at the second hand store this week, but it fits great!

Stretch marks: Still none, but my belly button sure is getting flat.

Sleep is generally only interrupted by having to go pee, but luckily as usual, there are no issues going back to sleep afterward.

Movement: Paxlet's movements are getting stronger and stronger. Just the other day he stretched in two directions at once. One of those directions was directly onto my bladder! He has since then kicked my bladder a couple of more times. Talk about "ack" moments. LOL

Today, Paxlet has been moving A LOT! In some respects it seems like it has been non-stop, but I know that isn't true.

Cravings/Aversions: Sweet stuff, but not really cravings. Mainly I'm just hungry a lot of the time.

Gender: It's a boy!!
We still have no names what-so-ever. We haven't even started discussing names and it is starting to stress me out.

Symptoms: Besides the big tummy, hunger, feeling like I am waddling and other regular stuff, I can't think of anything special to mention, although I do remember having a thought about this earlier in the week, but of course I didn't write it down, so it has been forgotten.

What I miss: Nothing.

What I look forward to: If I had actually typed this up at work earlier inthe day, I was going to write about parenting course Mr Siili and I were going to after work, but now that it is after the course and way late at night, I'm not going to write more about it at this time.

I look forward to my next holiday in just over a week. It'll be Juhannus (mid-summer) at the end of that week.

Moods: Stressed. Very stressed at times. Today being the worst of it all. Mr Siili is very stressed that we haven't gotten everything organized and it its proper place in the new house and that we have too much crap. I feel like I did almost nothing but try to unpack and organize during my holiday. And so it came to a big boiling point tonight and I spent much of is crying. I am sure I'll feel better after some sleep tonight, but I know it won't be much sleep, as it is late already.

Milestones: Paxlet is the size of a squash! The picture on the ticker looks like a mini-pumpkin to me! How cute! He's definitely getting bigger, at least people tell me I look bigger once they saw me again at work after a week and a half off.

Medical concerns: Allergies are so much better! We got lots of rain, which washed a lot of the pollen away. The minor allergies I do have are very livable! I can even breathe!

This week's bump pictures can be seen in the Paxlet Pictures tab.
No pictures last week, and this week's picture will have to be taken tomorrow.

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