27 June 2012

8 weeks until D-date

That's right folks, I'm at 32 weeks (weekly update to follow soon) and Paxlet should be here in another 8 weeks, give or take a few days*. I keep telling people that my due date is at the end of August and still a ways off and that I have plenty of time. But my maternity leave starts in just a week and a half and Paxlet's due date is just under 2 months away! When I look at a calendar, the realization of how close my due date is, it is slowly sinking in. Oh, My, Gosh!

This realization of impending birth is making me a bit stressed. Don't get me wrong, I'm not stressed about the actual birth itself or the fact that we'll (hopefully) have a baby in our arms. Those things will happen no matter what, there's no turning back now! It's a question of "Do I/we have everything we need for a baby?" and "What do we really need?".

This is what we do have:
- car seat
- baby bed & crib (put together)
- at least 1 set of sheets and couple of blankets (not enough?)
- changing table (put together)
- some clothes
- a couple (6?) of cloth diapers (not nearly enough)
- a bathtub for baby
- baby sling (kantoreppu)
- some breast pads/protectors (3 pair reusable and some disposable)
- what do I need at the hospital?
- nursing pillow
- pacifiers / binkies / tutti
- blankies, for wrapping the baby and on the floor

What we don't yet have:
- stroller (at this moment I have 2 offers for good strollers, it's just a matter of choosing which one I want)
- diaper bag (I have a small-bag, but I have a feeling I'll need/want another)
- ?
- Moby wrap (I think my stepmom is sending me one, but I won't know until the beginning of August)

This is where my bit of stress is coming from. I know there are some things I still need, but what? I also know there are many things that are fun and handy, but not really necessary. So I'm asking you, dear readers, what is missing from my list? Fun or practical, I'd love to hear it all!

*Yes, I did say give or take a few days. I've had a talk with Paxlet and told him that he's not allowed to stay in there over 40 weeks and that it is ok if he comes a few days early. And after the talk I had with my dad last night, he said all 4 of his kids, myself included, all arrived into this world around our due date. No one arrived way too early or too late.