30 April 2012

Bursting with sheer happiness, literally (part 2)

The below event took place about a month and a half ago, but I never posted it then because I was too lazy and just never got around to finish writing it. Even though this is part two, it actually happened first.

Sunday was the most beautiful weather we've had so far this year. The sun was shining, it was even warm, and there was only a small breeze. Spring is really going to arrive. I texted my friend, R, and asked if she was willing and able to go for a couple of kilometer walk around the lake near her house.

R and I walked and talked about everything under the sun (like always), but mostly about kids (her almost 3 year old) and our pregnancies. You see, she's 5 weeks behind me and I'm totally thrilled that I have a close friend going through this (pregnancy, maternity leave, etc.) with me. I was 'worried' that all my friends would be done having kids and my Paxlet would be the lone little one.

There was just one topic that I was a bit worried about bringing up: a baby shower. That morning in fact, before crawling out of bed I instigated a baby shower chat and cry with Mr Siili. I desperately want a baby shower, I always have. But when I think of my last cousin that had a baby and a shower, all my aunts and stepmom were there in person, my mom too. I will never get to have that. For one, my mom will not ever be able to go to another baby shower, no matter where in the world I am. Also, being half way around the world from family, there is no way we'll all be able to get together for a baby shower to welcome my Paxlet to this world. It's not about the gifts, though they are nice, it's about being with my family to celebrate a much waited for and wanted time in my life.

Since R and I talk about basically everything together, I figured I could talk to her about this topic too. I related the above to her, most of it through tears. Being the friend that R is, she stopped walking, gave me a huge hug and told me, "Heather, I remember you made a comment about wanting a baby shower years ago when we were throwing a shower for another friend. Don't worry, we're planning you a shower, just not yet as it's too early still". I couldn't help but laugh a little and cry some more.

I really do have the best of friends and family. And it really was a beautiful day and the start of spring (even if more snow came after that).