26 April 2012

Bursting with sheer happiness, literally

My stepmom has been trying to get a hold of me the last few days, but Skype is having issues. So tonight we connected via Facebook chat. She wanted to ask me what I thought of a virtual baby shower via Skype (if it is working later this summer) and video. (So, "now", my MIL said. *grin*) I have to say, I'm so totally happy beyond words. I honestly didn't think I'd receive a baby shower from my US family and close family friends. In fact, I had a tearful discussion about this exact topic with a close friend of mine a month or so ago (that blog post is half finished). We just discussed the possibilities of how the logistics of it would work (items posted well in advance, etc), things I would need (I have no idea), things I would want (I don't have much of an idea about that either, but I thought of a few things), the colors I prefer (NO pink) and so on. And just sitting here having this conversation and typing all of this stuff up got me crying! Mr Siili asked me what was wrong and I told him nothing was wrong, these were tears of happiness. He thought that was a good thing. I agree.

I'm feeling quite lucky to have the family I do!