03 April 2012

Snow more fun when it snows

Sunday night the snow started coming down and it didn't stop until Monday night, late. There was quite many car accidents, but thankfully no one died and only one person was seriously injured.
 It's April and we've gotten more snow!! This is insane and unwanted, not that Mother Nature cares. LOL

The one day that I needed to take the car to work recently and it was the worst day in ages. We got enough snow yesterday to look like an entire winter's worth. Or at least half a winter's worth. And today is totally beautiful and sunny, if still a bit chilly.

Check out the pictures I took yesterday while out and about and this morning on my way to work.
My view at lunch time yesterday.
The car's not moving! You can see the red light. Or can you? It was so foggy and snowy!!
Again, not moving, as you can see the tail lights. This trip home that normally takes 10 minutes (tops), took 30 minutes. I was lucky though, as some people were stuck on buses and in their cars for an hour or even 3 hours!
I think this semi-truck rammed into the back of another semi-truck, as there was a guy in the front of this one sweeping something off the ground.
Next semi-truck. I saw about 6 of them stopped along side the road on my trip home.

And then this morning.
Nothing is plowed and there is snow everywhere!
The main roads have at least been cleared quite well. Although, buses are still running late for some. Two buses came at once to my stop.
Nothing special in this picture, except that the image is wavy because of the moving bus. It does give a decent view of the snow levels against the cleared road.