13 February 2012

I caught what everyone else had last week

Last week at work and in the bus I remember hearing everyone (ok, maybe not everyone, but enough people) coughing and hacking and they DIDN'T COVER THEIR MOUTH! I'm usually the type of person that thinks and says: I'm not going to get sick. Simple as that. I just don't like being sick (who does?) and just don't want to be. It so isn't worth the feelings and effort to get time off work to be home and be sick. But this time around, I remember people coughing and I just felt that here it comes... And then the weekend came and I forgot about it all.

Except on Sunday afternoon, I started coughing a little bit. A harsh and searingly painful cough. And then this morning when I woke up, I didn't feel well, but I still managed to get ready and head to work. The cough wasn't too persistent, but when I did cough, it hurt! And then the nausea kicked in and I just felt like crud. I was worried I wouldn't make the bus ride home without having to make an emergency pit-stop to get off and vomit. But, I made it home. I ate a little something, which sort of quieted my stomach for a very short while and then I crawled into bed, which made my stomach angry again. It was all I could do to keep my stomach where it should be. I managed to sleep for a while, but when I woke up, I felt just a cruddy as before, if not worse. I sent a text message to EK, my team leader, saying that I definitely wasn't going to feel better by morning. And by some miraculous way, an hour and a half later, the nausea has subsided a bit, but I still feel like crud. I think I'll go crawl into bed and hope I feel better tomorrow.

I would like to feel better by tomorrow, as tomorrow is Ysävänpäivää (Friend day) also known as Valentine's Day everywhere else. And for the first time in ages I've managed to get Mr Siili to do something with me for it. A restaurant chain in town is having a special where if you buy two of the same main meals, you get the 2nd one free. Our reservation is made, but we might have to un-make it. But I guess this is better than last year's V-day when Mr Siili was in the hospital for appendix surgery.