19 February 2012


A while back, I posted about cleaning the cat's litter box and how you're not really supposed to while pregnant. Here's another thing you're not supposed to do while pregnant (according to some): Sauna.

Last night on FB, I mentioned that I was looking forward to going to sauna. Some friends in a FB group nicely cautioned/advised that I shouldn't be going to sauna, using hot baths or hot tubs while pregnant. For which, I thanked them from the bottom of my heart and I truly meant it. (I've never been in this situation before, I have lots of questions and love been there done that answers! Following them to a T is a different story.) And then I proceed to explain how and why I believe it is okay to go to sauna while pregnant.

First off, I asked the doctor at the very first appointment I had if it was okay to go to sauna, as I know in the USA (and UK) that it is advised against going. The doctor told me it is fine to go throughout my entire pregnancy. So, I do have the professional go ahead.

Another thing, I live in Finland. Finland is the homeland of sauna. In a country of 5 million people and over 2 million saunas (roughly 1 for every household), I think that says a lot. Going to sauna is a weekly (if not more) tradition in Finnish families. It's a time to relax, bond as a family and also get clean. Finnish people, young and old (from a couple of months old on up) have been going to sauna for so long, it's impossible to trace its roots.

When we (Mr Siili and I and most everyone else in Finland) go to sauna, it's not like you see on TV in those competitions: we don't see who can stand the most heat. It's unhealthy and well, just plain silly. We go to sauna to get clean, relax and enjoy. (Often times, so I've been told, even business agreements are made in the sauna.)We can make it as hot or as cool as we want in there and we can change the humidity by tossing more water on the rocks, or not. Also, there is no rule that one has to sit on the top bench all the time. In fact, depending on how I feel, especially now, I sit on the middle bench quite often. It's still pleasantly hot, but not too hot. Also, we sit in sauna for a bit, then leave for a cool refreshing shower. After a bit, we head back into sauna and repeat the process over again until we are done for the evening. (Plus, all my friends are doing it. *giggle*)

I understand the concern others have about going to sauna, especially when it has been taught that it is unhealthy for the baby. And if I was just coming to Finland or going to a spa or health club in the US and not at all used to going to sauna, I would agree that I should not be going to sauna. But having lived in this country for almost 13 years and enjoyed sauna all these years, I think I'm quite acclimated to sauna and its customs.

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