30 January 2012

Colder than a witch's...

...boob* outside! Yes, it is THAT cold here! I know that I live in the north and that it IS winter, but I did warn back in December that I was going to be sick of this wintry-weather sometime in January or February. And look at that, the 2nd to last day of January and I'm complaining about it! Hah!

This morning when I woke up, it was -15C (5F) outside! And I'm expected to go out in that to get to work?! Argh! I've been freezing my behind off for the last several weeks and it's been only -11C or warmer. (I think this might be a pregnancy symptom, my being cold that is and not the below freezing temperatures, after talking to a friend about it.) As it is, I've been wearing pants/jeans and my outer winter pants on the bottom and at least 2-3 layers of shirts plus my winter jacket on top. I've also got ear muffs, a hat and 2 scarves on my head. And I've still been cold. Ok, the worst of it is when it is windy plus cold, as the cold isn't so bad, but the wind IS. And later this week it is supposed to go down to -30C (-22F). I'm shivering already just thinking about it.
Ma=Monday, Ti=tuesday, etc
This coldness also brought out (what I consider) my first pregnancy hormonal breakdown. And Mr Siili didn't make it any easier, drat that man! We didn't leave the house on Saturday for food shopping and so in my opinion we really needed to go on Sunday. I am sure we could have scrounged up something ok to eat between the freezer and pantry, but I wasn't in the mood for that. Actually, I wasn't in the mood for cooking at all and Mr Siili didn't want to go to the store with me and it was cold outside! He also wasn't being too helpful in creating the shopping list. We continued to chat about me going or not going to the store, I tried to cajole him into coming (still a solid "no" on his part) and he eventually even looked up the bus schedule so I only had to walk to the bus stop 3 minutes away (and then I'd have to stand in the cold waiting for the bus!). But I did want to get a tiny walk in this weekend, especially after we sat around all day Friday evening and Saturday. This whole situation was pretty stupid, but I just couldn't help it and started crying sobbing. Mr Siili at least came to give me a hug and try to calm me, but by that point, I wasn't in the mood for it. LOL. I finished getting ready and sulked my way to the store. I did call him while at the store to reiterate that I didn't want to cook, to which he said he would do the cooking (I did dishes) and made a big deal about cooking for me. (I normally cook for us most days.)
I did tell him later on how I felt during this episode and that his response to it didn't help or make me feel good. Let's hope he's a but more understanding for next time. I think I need to somehow get him reading some of the "waiting for baby" books/pamphlets, so he can maybe understand more.

*I don't like the 3 letter word for a mammary gland, so boob it is!