05 February 2012

Help! How to break the news to my co-workers?

It's Sunday evening already! Where does the weekend go?
Friday I left work early, to make up for staying late on Thursday and because I wanted to leave early. While waiting to meet up with a friend downtown, I tried on bras. (I'm now at least a 80DD, that one cup and one size bigger, although I think I might still need something bigger.) I found one bra that was ok (in store) and on sale for only 6€, but I didn't buy it. After I met up with my friend, we looked for shoes for her without any success. Then we went to my house to pick up the food I'd made, to the food and liquor store and eventually (only 25min late) to our final destination: another friends house. In all there was 4 of us hanging out, eating, chatting and having a good time. When I got home, I basically crawled straight into bed.

After sleeping almost 11 hours, I woke up, watched the two most recent episodes of American Idol and then scrambled to get ready to brave the freezing temperatures outside to meet some other friends downtown for food. We hung out at a cafe, where I ended up telling them I'm pregnant (none of them have kids, only god-kids and nieces/nephews). Later we went for food and chatted even more. I had a yummy Bacon & BBQ burger with sweet potato fries. Yum!

Today, Mr Siili and I walked to the food stores and back, in slightly less freezing weather than we've been having the rest of this week. It was colder coming home because the wind was against us. When we got home, I finished watching Vampire Diaries (one of my silly vices, I know!) and then decided to vacuum. I vacuumed half of our place and then did the dishes, but by the time I was mostly done with the dishes, my abdomen area was hurting enough that I couldn't stand up straight without it hurting. The living room remains unvacuumed. I think walking to the stores and then vacuuming was too much for me. *sigh*
Finland had second and final round of voting for a new president. We'll find out tonight or tomorrow the latest who our new President is. The last 12 years (2 terms) Finland has had a female President: Tarja Halonen. She was the first female president and it was pretty cool to be here when she was elected into office the first time around. I was a bad Finn (just like I'm a bad American) and didn't vote. (Neither did Mr Siili.)
Help! How does one go about telling their coworkers they are pregnant?
I told my team leader (immediate boss aka EK) this afternoon that I am pregnant. My former team leader and big boss already know and have known almost as long as I have. Whether that was smart or not, who knows, but they know a fair share of my journey and have been totally supportive of me. Anywho, the reason for telling EK "already" is that she sent an email out on Friday asking if we had any input about her training plans for the new people that are joining us this next week. I thought I'd let her know I was pregnant now, not that it affects the training plans so much now, but in the near-ish future and just in case someone would need to be hired to cover for me when I go on maternity leave.

Our 12 week scan is on Tuesday and then we have a team meeting on Friday. I was thinking of telling everyone then. As I figured everyone would be in the same place at once. I'd be able to do it and get it over with. But when I told Mr Siili these thoughts, he reacted quite badly. He asked if I was trying to be a drama queen and was that really the time and place to let people know. He asked if wouldn't it be better to just tell during a coffee break? My reply was that not everyone goes to coffee breaks at the same time and I don't want some to know and others not. Not that I really feel the need to tell all of them anyway, but...I'd rather have it out in the open so I don't have to be concerned with saying or not saying anything. Mr Siili's other suggestion was to just wait and let my growing tummy (not that you can really see anything yet) tell for itself.

Ugh! I'm almost thinking of just not telling anyone or maybe the random person and letting it get leaked out like a rumour. Hahahaha! Thoughts anyone?