01 January 2012

It's a normal Sunday...

So Mr Siili and I stayed awake, a bit too late, watching some TV shows to bring in the new year. We ended up stopping the last show halfway through because I was just dozing off uncontrollably. LOL

Today, has been a normal Sunday. I woke up around 9am, laid in bed for an hour or so reading. Mr Siili finally woke up, we got dressed and went for a nice walk. It was only -4,5C and not windy with a light snow fall covering the ground. Just a beautiful scene outside. After our walk, we've just been sitting at our respective computers, doing whatever we feel like. Mr Siili = playing Eve Online, Me = anxiously awaiting the Stirrup Queens posting of the Creme de la Creme of 2011 and playing around with blogs in general. I also took some time off the computer to finish reading One Child by Torey Hayden.

Now, at some point we should fry up the chicken to make some more tacos for dinner and then just pass the rest of the evening as we've passed the day; lazily.

Truth be told, I'm actually a bit bored.